Liggett Law Group Pledges to Match 10k During South Plains Food Bank 72-Hour Giving Frenzy


The 72-Hour Giving Frenzy with our friends at South Plains Food Bank is here! What exactly is this event? This week, beginning Tuesday, September 24th at Noon and ending Friday, September 27th at Noon, we are asking for your donation in order to end hunger for as many people as possible across the south plains.

The donations all contribute to a single mission: alleviating hunger in the south plains community and giving hope to the hungry. Several programs under the South Plains Food Bank umbrella will benefit from the Giving Frenzy, including: GRUB, Children’s Feeding, Mobile Pantry, Senior Feeding, and Nutrition Education. For every ten dollars you donate, you get one vote on which program you hope your donation will go to. The program with the highest number of votes will win the contributions.

Liggett Law Group to Match Donations

Additionally, Liggett Law Group has pledged to match all gifts during the 72-Hour Giving Frenzy, up to $10,000, in order to help support the cause. Our firm understands the importance of community and giving back. We also know how hard the South Plains Food Bank works to provide our community members experiencing food insufficiencies with the nutritious meals they need.

Get Involved. Become A Champion To End Hunger:

There are several ways in which you can get involved during the 72-Hour Giving Frenzy and be considered a “SPFB 72hr Champion”:

  1. Post on social media. Spread the word, share that you contributed, or encourage others to. Use the hashtag #72HrGivingFrenzy in your posts.
  2. Send personal messages to friends and family.
  3. Forward emails or social posts.
  4. Announce the event to your business, clubs, schools, and churches in order to encourage others to help.
  5. Become a representative of your community by showing your passion for ending hunger and helping your area.

To donate, or for more information, be sure to visit the official 72-Hour Giving Frenzy webpage here: