Lubbock car wreck

Self Driving Vehicle Had Safety Feature Disabled During Fatal Crash

Rideshare company Uber shocked the world last month when one of the driverless vehicles it is testing hit and killed a pedestrian crossing the road. The accident, which took place in Tempe, Arizona, was the first fatality caused by a self-driving vehicle. The car’s manufacturer, Volvo, wants to make sure consumers know it was not their safety features that failed during the accident – it was a distracted driver and disabled safety features.

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Texting And Driving Accidents

Texas Texting And Driving: Statewide Ban Off To A Rough Start

Texas was one of only a few states to not enact a statewide texting while driving ban until last September. Previously, it was up to cities to pass ordinances to reduce this dangerous behavior; and, while some cities like Austin have long since embraced texting and driving bans, other cities like Houston had not. In September 2017, the Texas statewide texting and driving ban finally went in to effect. With the increasing number of motor vehicle accidents caused by distracted driving, the ban should have helped reduced the number of accidents, but in the six months since it went into effect, the ban has been off to a rough start.

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Lubbock Jobsite Injury Attorneys

Majority Of Worksites Didn’t Submit Their Annual Injury and Illness Logs

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is the federal agency regulating and enforcing laws designed to protect our nation’s workers. Employers are required to submit reports when on-the-job accidents and injuries occur, and OSHA carefully monitors these reports to identify unsafe workplaces. However, this system only works when employers comply, and according to the agency, the majority of worksites didn’t submit their annual injury and illness logs for 2016.

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Lubbock Truck Accident Claim

Automated Trucks Are Making Their Way Onto Roads

Safety technology in motor vehicles has come long way over the years. Cars are now being equipped with lasers that can detects cars, pedestrians, and other hazards and apply the brakes all before the driver knows what happened. This type of technology is helping to prevent accidents and injuries across the country, and now these same technologies are being applied to some of the most dangerous motor vehicles: semi trucks. Tesla Motors is manufacturing semiautonomous 18-wheelers that could drastically reduce the number of trucking accidents.

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Chemical Plant Explosion

Deadly Chemical Plant Fire Breaks Out In Hood County

Last week, a chemical plant in Hood County caught fire, causing injuries to several workers and at least one fatality. While authorities are not yet sure what caused the chemical plant explosions, the resulting fire caused toxic plumes of smoke to be visible for miles.

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Texas Railroad Accident

Why FELA is So Important for Railroad Workers

Working on the railroad has always been a hazardous profession. Injury or death can occur suddenly and without warning. If you or a loved one is a railroad worker who has been injured on the job due to the negligence of the railroad company, you may be able to recover damages under the Federal Employers’…

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Most Common Construction Accidents

5 Surprising Injuries Associated With Roofing

Roofers have one of the most dangerous jobs in the construction industry, and it’s not just because they’re working from heights. Roofing exposes workers to a variety of risks, so proper safety precautions must be taken in order to keep roofers safe.

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Liggett Law Group

The Three Second Rule For Driving

Millions of Americans get behind the wheel of a vehicle every day. While some people drive responsibly, others are juggling multiple tasks while driving. To understand why distracted driving is so incredibly dangerous, drivers need to know about the three-second rule for driving.

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