Coronavirus Injuries

Can Businesses Be Held Liable for Coronavirus Injuries and Deaths?

The Coronavirus-induced new reality that we’re living in has raised an understandably large amount of questions – even more so as states begin reopening. The presence of COVID-19 is likely to develop a new area of premises liability law that establishments will be confronting over the next several years regarding Coronavirus injuries. As community health…

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Motorcycle group ride

Going for a Group Ride? Practice these Motorcycle Safety Tips

A common shared experience among the majority of motorcycle enthusiasts is the adventure of a group ride. As temperatures rise and summer vacation begins, riders across Texas prepare to embark on adventures near and far. Group rides can be an opportunity to make memories with fellow riders that can be shared for years to come….

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Company Vehicle Accident

Who Is Responsible For A Company Vehicle Accident?

Many of the cars we see on the roads are driven by individuals driving for personal reasons; however, there are also many commercial vehicles sharing our roadways. While any vehicle can be involved in a collision, the situation becomes more legally complex when a company vehicle is involved. Company vehicle accidents are sadly so common…

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Young female patient displaying pain and suffering in a hospital.

How Much is Your Pain and Suffering Claim Worth?

Texas courts most commonly award injury victims financial compensation for medical expenses (past, present, and future), loss of income due to missing work because of the injury, property damage, and “pain and suffering.” Pain and suffering refers to noneconomic damages an individual may be entitled to if he or she is involved in a personal…

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Swimming pool

Summertime Safety: Should You Own a Swimming Pool Cover?

Summertime in Texas means days full of sunshine, high temperatures, and any activity that provides relief from the heat. As Texans prepare to face another sweltering summer, they need to be prepared for the serious and unfortunately common accidents that come with the season. Sadly, Texas leads the country in fatal swimming pool accidents. According…

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Not at fault car accident

Not Your Fault? What to Do After Being Hit in a Lubbock Car Accident

Anytime a person is involved in an auto accident, it can be a traumatic experience. For those hit by a negligent driver, the accident can take an even greater emotional toll. Every year across the country there are more than six million reported car accidents. Many Texas drivers must commute over long stretches of roads…

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Motorcycle at sunset

The Texas Tort Claims Act and Motorcycle Lawsuits

Typically, lawsuits against government entities are barred by sovereign immunity. However, under the Texas Tort Claims Act, the government can lose its immunity for liability for certain claims, including personal injury. When a government employee operates a vehicle negligently – either their personal vehicle or a government-issued motor vehicle – the usually immune sovereign can…

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Motorcycle on dirt road

What Does the Texas Strategic Action Plan for Motorcycles Mean for Riders?

Texas is a beautiful state that offers motorcyclists plenty of open road to travel and take in the surrounding scenery. While riding across the state can is enjoyable, it can also come at a great cost. Each year, countless riders fall victim to the negligence of other drivers. While motorcycles make up only a fraction…

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