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Unsecured Wheelbarrow Causes Serious Accident

We’ve all experienced the fear and nerves that come with driving behind trucks with seemingly loose objects in the back. Will something fly out and hit your car, or worse, cause an accident? Unfortunately, this happens all too often, with more than 200,000 accidents occurring each year due to debris or loose objects, according to…

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Scaffolding Grade Lumber

Texas Has The Most Fatal Workplace Accidents Involving Cranes

In Texas, we see our fair share of cranes involved in construction and industrial sites. While cranes are clearly essential tools when it comes to lifting heavy objects while building, they are also incredibly dangerous if they aren’t properly operated. The frequency of workplace injuries on construction sites is horrifying enough, but recent data has…

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Ban on Texting

Get The Facts: How Deadly Is Distracted Driving?

There are few driving habits out there as dangerous as operating a cell phone while driving. So why are so many people still doing it? The fact is, distracted driving is now an epidemic in our country, and the problem only seems to be getting worse. April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and we’d like…

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6 Secrets Car Insurance Companies Don’t Want You To Know

We all know how essential car insurance is. In most places around the world, you can’t even legally operate a vehicle without it. While the benefits of having car insurance are certainly clear, after an accident the auto insurance industry can make matters a little hazy, oftentimes leaving drivers feeling confused or left in the…

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6 Ways To Stay Safe During Your Spring Break Road Trip

It’s that time of year again: spring break season is here. While you might be excited to hit the road, reach your destination, and start relaxing, it’s important to keep a few things in mind during your lengthy journey on the road. To help you get to your vacation spot safely, we have provided six…

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Mom Sues Lime Scooters After Daughter Left In Vegetative State

By now, we have all witnessed our fair share of electric scooter riders zooming through our town’s sidewalks and streets, some following safety rules and some carelessly racing by, but almost all are helmet-free. The increasing prevalence and popularity of electric scooters is bringing with it risks, dangers, and now even personal injury lawsuits. A…

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Attorneys Want Video of Distracted Bus Driver Released

A recent Texas school bus accident has several people involved requesting the release of a video that allegedly shows a distracted driver. Attorneys claim the school bus video footage would show the Oklahoma elementary school principal using his cell phone while driving students during a field trip in Texas. The school bus crash left 27…

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Texas Scaffolding Accident Attorneys

Construction Worker Left Hanging From Side Of Building After Scaffolding Collapse

The city of Fort Worth witnessed a terrifying sight early this month when a scaffolding collapse occurred on a construction site. What was unusual about this Texas construction accident is how many people were there to witness it and take video footage. A marketing company was making promotional videos when its employees looked outside the window and across the street to find a man dangling from the side of a building. The marketing company and several onlookers outside captured the harrowing incident was on camera.

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