Liggett Law Group Helps Lubbock Celebrate Cinco De Mayo

Cinco De Mayo

Liggett Law Group is helping Magic 1065 and Telemundo Lubbock celebrate Cinco de Mayo on Saturday, May 6, 2017. The celebration will be held at Buffalo Springs Lake Amphitheater starting at noon and tickets include the fee to get into the Buffalo Springs Lake. Musical guests will perform on the Ted Liggett Musica Mas Grande stage.

The Cinco De Mayo Celebration will feature Grammy nominated group Siggno, Tejano Music Award winner Shelly Lares, DJ Kane, Grammy award winning accordionist David Farias, La Calma, and singer Ben Ozuna.

The celebration starts at noon, when attendees can first enjoy the fifth annual Cinco de Mayo Parade down the historical Broadway Street before cooling off in Buffalo Springs Lake and listening to some of the big acts in Tejano music.

You can also meet the team from Liggett Law Group at our tent where we will be handing out promotional items and celebrating Cinco de Mayo. Because we want all attendees to have a wonderful time, we’ve put together a helpful list for enjoying Cinco de Mayo safely.

Texas Cinco de Mayo Safety Tips

  1. Don’t forget sunscreen. Not only can sunburns be painful, they can also increase your risk of developing skin cancer later in life. So bring plenty of sunscreen and reapply it often. If you will be enjoying a swim in the lake, make sure you use water resistant sunscreen.
  2. Know basic water safety. Young children should never be left unattended when swimming in a lake. To best prevent drowning, children should wear floaties on their arms, life jackets, and/or other flotation devices. Also make sure children (and adults) wait an adequate amount of time before jumping in the water after a meal.
  3. Stay hydrated. Lubbock is no stranger to hot temperatures. When spending a prolonged amount of time outside, make sure you drink water regularly to keep yourself hydrated.
  4. Don’t get intoxicated. It’s okay to enjoy alcoholic beverages this Cinco de Mayo, but only drink responsibly. Some of the worst accidents and injuries occur when people’s judgment is impaired by alcohol. If you do decide to drink, don’t get behind the wheel.