Product Liability Lawyer in Lubbock, TX

We use various products every day to do everything from making toast for breakfast in the morning to driving to work, to helping us carry our children around in baby carriers.

When product manufacturers, distributors, or others involved in the supply chain process fail to protect consumers from dangerous risks, they can be subject to legal liability for their negligence and/or recklessness by way of a products liability lawsuit. Our team of experienced trial lawyers has handled products liability cases for victims injured physically or financially – or both – by dangerous auto and motorcycle recalls, defective airbags, defective auto parts, and other harmful products put into the stream of commerce by big companies that are more concerned with their own financial bottom line than they are with the safety of those who spend their hard-earned money purchasing their items.

Big national and international corporations rush new products to market so they can sell items more quickly and make more money, sometimes deliberately ignoring issues that might make those products unsafe for those who purchase and/or use them. Dangerous products can cause injuries ranging from burns to death and everything in between, in addition to causing financial damages and business harm. You have a right to expect that any product you buy will function as intended and will be safe for you to use. It makes no difference if you signed a contract, agreed to any terms, or any promises were made regarding its use – you are protected by the law and may have a viable products liability claim.

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