Personal Injury

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Almost every second of every day across America, someone is suffering some sort of personal injury. It does not matter if they are driving in a car or at the workplace; accidents can happen anywhere and tend to happen when we least expect them. A lot of the time they result from an action that is no fault of your own, and when this happens you have the legal right to seek restitution.

When statewide tort reform passed in 2003, filing a personal injury claim in Texas got more difficult. At Liggett Law Group, our passion for helping individuals injured by the negligence of others only increased. Now that personal injury claims face higher scrutiny and attorneys must worker harder to obtain a good result for their clients, other law firms are turning away injured individuals. We do no such thing.

Liggett Law Group works hard to represent the injured in West Texas. Our law firm has the ability to handle a variety of personal injury cases, and we take our clients’ cases personally.

If you have been injured as the result of negligence by another person, company or organization; this page will help you understand what your rights are under the law and the steps in the personal injury claims process.


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