Face Injuries from a Car Accident

How Car Accidents Cause Facial Injuries

Many injury symptoms from car accidents are devastating, but those that affect the face can be especially so. The face is our personal identity, our first physical impression…

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What Damages Can I Recover in A Car Accident Case?

Car Accident Compensation for Damages in Texas

Given Texas’ wide-open spaces and numerous roads, streets, highways, and freeways, car accidents are unfortunately incredibly common. If you were injured by an at-fault driver in a car…

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Where Broadside Collisions Most Commonly Occur

Broadside Collision and T Bone Accident Guide

Broadside collisions are a type of motor accident that is more commonly known across Texas as T-bone accidents.  Broadside collisions happen when the front of one vehicle hits the…

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Lubbock Has One of the Highest Traffic Fatalities Per Capita in the Country

Fatal Car Accidents Facts in Texas

Our fatal car accident lawyers have a combined 70 years of legal experience, and have seen nearly every type of car wreck, from hit and run accidents, rear…

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Rear-End Collision Lawyers

Texas Rear End Collision Guide

Determining Who Is At Fault In A Rear End Collision In rear-end accidents, the driver who hit a car from behind is most often at fault, so determining…

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