Lubbock Truck Accident Attorneys

Self-Driving Trucks Will Soon Hit Texas Roads

Self-driving vehicles have been in the works for several years. While some vehicles now offer autopilot functionality, the feature has yet to be rolled out across all car manufacturers. As self-driving large trucks and 18-wheelers begin to roll out in Texas and New Mexico, how these new autonomous vehicles will affect drivers across the Lone…

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Fatal Trucking Crashes

Texas Has Highest Number of Fatal Trucking Crashes

Trucking plays a major role in the economies of both Texas and the United States. Many trucks in America are responsible for freight movement over land and are major tools used in manufacturing transportation and in warehousing. Though the transportation industry is vital for many different business practices, accidents involving large trucks happen more often…

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driving near an 18-wheeler

The Dangers of Overloaded Trucks

Large trucks are crucial to our economy and the transportation industry. Nearly all products are shipped on large trucks for part of their journey from the manufacturer to the consumer. While large trucks are crucial and helpful, they also pose serious risks to other motorists, particularly if a truck is overloaded.

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