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Reckless Drivers Collide With Buildings

Most motor vehicle accidents occur between two cars, but in some instances, one vehicle will collide with a stationary object, such as a guardrail or tree. Lubbock residents have seen a number of these strange accidents this year, with a couple happening just weeks apart.

The first was this March when a young driver slammed headfirst into a home in the North Overton neighborhood. The car had been reported missing and the driver fled the scene after the crash. Miraculously, no one was hurt.

In early May, a 22-year-old driver struck a utility pole before crashing into an apartment complex on 66th Street in between Temple and Avenue T. Several people in the apartment complex suffered minor injuries. Just over one week later, on the night of May 11th, a 22-year-old driver lost control of his pickup truck when driving down 40th Street and Avenue T. The driver crashed through the brick and metal fence of a home before crashing into the home itself. The driver appeared to be intoxicated, but refused to take a field sobriety test. Unfortunately, the driver struck one person who was standing in the yard at the time of the crash causing major injuries.

On June 12th, a driver crashed into a home on 32nd Street. The driver was fleeing after purchasing a cell phone with counterfeit money. The driver first struck a tree before colliding with a house, but luckily no one was home at the time of the crash. Just days later on June 18th, a driver struck the Raider Inn on the 900 block of Avenue Q. The driver hit a support column to the second story walkway and fire and rescue was called to brace the structure.

Reckless Driving In Lubbock

While investigations are still underway regarding the exact causes of these Lubbock car crashes, reckless driving is the likely culprit. Behaviors like speeding, drunk driving, or driving distracted can very easily lead to catastrophic accidents like the ones plaguing Lubbock in recent months. There is no excuse for reckless driving, and it is illegal for drivers to not be in control of their vehicles at all times. Drivers that engage in reckless behaviors and cause accidents need to be held responsible, not just through criminal court proceedings, but also through civil lawsuits.

Lubbock Reckless Driving Accident Attorneys

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