Winter Construction Accident Attorney

Winter Weather Workplace Accidents

Weather conditions during the winter months can require more preparation for construction workers than any other time of the year. Unfortunately, workplace accidents can and do happen and being ready for the unexpected before it happens is an essential component of accident prevention. Though harsh winter weather conditions in Texas don’t always happen, it’s important…

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Fatal Trucking Crashes

Texas Has Highest Number of Fatal Trucking Crashes

Trucking plays a major role in the economies of both Texas and the United States. Many trucks in America are responsible for freight movement over land and are major tools used in manufacturing transportation and in warehousing. Though the transportation industry is vital for many different business practices, accidents involving large trucks happen more often…

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Lubbock Drunk Driving Accident

Texas Had Highest Number of Drunk Driving Fatalities

Driving on Texas roadways can be incredibly dangerous. In fact, the Texas Department of Transportation estimated that between 2010 and 2018, more people died on Texas roadways than in any other state. In addition to being the state with the most traffic fatalities, Texas also had the highest number of drunk driving fatalities. According to…

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Lubbock Workplace Accidents

Simple Ways to Improve Jobsite Safety

The construction industry is particularly dangerous for those who work on different jobsites. Everything from heavy equipment and machinery to working in trenches and at high elevations can pose incredible risks, especially when safety protocols are not followed correctly.

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Lubbock Pedestrian Accident

Car Accident Results in Pedestrian Injuries

When a car accident results in pedestrian injuries, the victim and their loved ones are left dealing with the repercussions. These roadway accidents are incredibly traumatic and can often result in costly medical expenses.

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Commercial Vehicle Accident

Fog to Blame for Lubbock Commercial Vehicle Accident

Each day, many commercial vehicles take to the roadways. Commercial vehicles include a company car, truck, van, bus, or 18-wheeler used by employees or agents of a business. Though these vehicles are intended for work purposes, the chances of a motor vehicle accident occurring are similar to those of non-commercial vehicles. Recently, a commercial semi-truck was involved in a multi-vehicle accident just after the Christmas holiday.

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Oiler Truck Explosion

Texas Oiler Truck Explosion Causes Fire

Accidents at work or on worksites can often be a cause for concern, especially in industries like the oil and gas industry. Oilfield and oil rig related accidents can often be severe in nature, can cause catastrophic injuries, and can even result in death. Recently, a hot oiler truck explosion caused a fire in Midland, Texas.

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Motorcycle and SUV Collision

Motorcycle and SUV Collision Results in Fatal Injuries to Rider

When an accident happens, it can leave many still feeling the effects for several months afterward. Motorcycle accidents, in particular, can be rather devastating, as these vehicles don’t offer the same protections from the road that other motor vehicles have. In fact, a recent motorcycle and SUV collision sadly caused the rider to suffer fatal injuries.

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