School Bus Recall

Major School Bus Recall Has Parents Worried

Each day, more than 25 million children in grades K-12 count on transportation to school via school bus. While many parents worry about the safety of their children being in the hands of school bus drivers, not many consider the safety of the school bus itself. Unfortunately that is now a top concern for parents, as more than 50,000 school buses have been recalled nationwide due to a safety issue involving the seats, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Officials claim the bus seatbacks were made with a material that may not provide enough impact absorption around the steel seat frame. This could lead to an increased risk for severe injury for students in the event of a school bus accident. This lack of impact absorption also means these buses fail to comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) requirement number 222, regarding “School Bus Passenger Safety and Crash Protection,” ultimately leading to this sizable, nationwide recall.

According to NHTSA, school bus manufacturer Daimler Trucks North America LLC (DTNA) is notifying bus owners and dealers of the affected models, in hopes of installing additional impact material within the seatbacks to increase absorption and safety for student passengers. The recall officially begins on December 2, 2019, but it is already impacting certain school districts with high numbers of recalled buses. A recent estimate of the number of affected school buses totals up to 53,528.

Dangers of Recalled School Buses

Of course the recall of any vehicle is serious, but a vehicle that transports numerous children at once must be safe to use at all times. The causes of school bus injuries and include poorly adjusted seat belts, children being hit by other drivers while getting on or off the bus, distracted or reckless school bus drivers, and more; but, an injury or death due to a vehicle recall is perhaps one of the most preventable reasons of them all.

Recalled Auto Accident Help

Vehicle manufacturers and dealers have an obligation to make sure drivers, and in some cases passengers, are informed of current auto recalls. If you or a loved one has been injured while operating or riding in a recalled vehicle, you may have legal options to seek financial compensation. Contact the auto accident attorneys at Liggett Law Group today to see how we can help.