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Lubbock Police Cracking Down On Speeding Drivers

There’s a good reason all roads in the U.S. have maximum posted speed limits. Speeding while behind the wheel is incredibly dangerous. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), speeding killed 10,111 people in 2016. This accounted for 27% of all traffic fatalities. Despite the dangers, many Lubbock drivers continue to speed, putting everyone on the roadways at risk. To combat speeding drivers, the Lubbock Police Department is cracking down on violators.

Lubbock Police Traffic Enforcement Officers have been very busy this year. Since January, Lubbock police officers have issued hundreds of speeding tickets and various other traffic citations in an effort to reduce accidents caused by dangerous driving behaviors. According to Lubbock Police Department spokeswoman Tiffany Pelt, the department gets “numerous complaints about areas where speeding is a problem, or where drivers may be running red lights or stop signs.” The Lubbock police department has been focusing its efforts on areas with reported violations rather than simply policing Lubbock’s busiest roads. Police are also focusing their attention on areas where car accidents have occurred.

Pelt stated the department’s goal “is to slow drivers down, to make them pay attention to what’s around them, and to really focus on driving and put away other distractions.” To help reach this goal, the Lubbock Police Department has motorcycles and Mustangs out in the community on a daily basis to issue citations.

We Can All Make The Road Safer

There are many ways drivers try to rationalize their speeding. Maybe they are running late to an appointment or think driving a little bit over the speed limit isn’t dangerous. There is no acceptable excuse for drivers to be speeding, and doing so puts everyone on the roadways at risk. The next time you think about speeding, think about the damage you can cause for yourself and others in a car accident. We can all make the roads safer by abiding by traffic laws.

Lubbock Car Wreck Lawyers

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