IIHS Safety Standards

How IIHS Safety Standards Make The Car Industry Safer

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) is a non-profit organization that has been trying to change the car industry since its inception in 1959. The IIHS works to reduce the number of car crashes and the severity of injuries from car crashes each year. However, the IIHS might be most famous for its Top Safety Pick Award, which evaluates the overall safety of cars available on the market. IIHS Safety Standards don’t just help consumers make informed decisions about buying a car – it is also helps make the car industry safer.

What Does It Take For A Car To Be A Top Safety Pick?

Receiving a Top Safety Pick designation from the IIHS is no easy feat. The IIHS performs rigorous tests on all participating vehicles. The IIHS evaluates how well a car performs the following tests:

  • Small-overlap front crash – This test is designed to measure how well a car performs if its front-end collides with an object like a tree or pole.
  • Moderate-overlap front crash – Similar to the small-overlap front crash, the moderate-overlap front crash test also evaluates a car’s ability in a front-end crash. While a small-overlap front crash tests has the car collide with thin objects like trees and poles, the moderate-overlap front crash tests has car collide barriers similar in size to the car. In this test, a car collides with a two-foot tall, ten-foot wide barrier at 40 miles per hour.
  • Side-crash – During a side-crash test, a 3,300-pound SUV-like barrier collides with the driver’s side of the vehicle at 31 mph to evaluate damages.
  • Roof strength test – One of the most dangerous types of accidents is a vehicle rollover. A roof strength test evaluates whether or not the roof of a car can resist crushing and folding in accidents where the vehicle rolls over on top of itself.
  • Head restraint test – In an effort to prevent and minimize whiplash injuries, the IIHS tests the geometry of head restraints in all participating vehicles.
  • Front-crash prevention with standard or optional automatic braking – For vehicles with automatic braking, the IIHS tests the effectiveness of auto brakes in reducing accidents.

How IIHS Safety Ratings Are Changing The Auto Industry

When the IIHS began testing cars, many failed its safety tests. Improvements like stronger roofs, passenger-side airbags, and front-crash protection have made the roads safer for everyone. Car manufacturers continue to work hard to pass the IIHS’s strict safety tests. Consumers know they can trust the IIHS to recommend safe cars, and this means manufacturers are continually adapting and enhancing their vehicles to make the cut.

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