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If you have suffered injury or monetary damages due to the negligence or wrongful actions of another person or entity, without effective representation, your right to recover is at risk. Liggett Law Group was formed to provide a complete package of legal skills to protect your interests. Ted Liggett has spent his career fighting for the rights of injured West Texas and Eastern New Mexico accident victims against insurance companies and against authorities many people fear suing. This elite firm of award winning trial lawyers brings over 20 years of jury trial experience to the table. From suing the government to seeking justice from insurance companies for injured victims, Liggett Law Group has the ability to handle a variety of types of cases, simple and complex. We strive to provide every client three things: integrity, advocacy, and results. Our motto is how we practice law.


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Ted A. Liggett was a self-made successful business owner in the entertainment industry before turning to the study of law. His unique blend of real life experience and legal training gives him the proper perspective to relate to and empathize with the individuals he represents.