Texas Workers’ Compensation Nonsubscriber Claims

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Workers’ compensation law mandates insurance coverage for on-the-job injuries in many states. In Texas, however, state laws do not require most private employers to have workers’ compensation insurance coverage. Companies that do not provide this coverage are referred to as nonsubscribers.

Nonsubscribers are not legally protected and could potentially lose millions if sued by an employee who was injured on the job. A Texas workers’ compensation nonsubscriber claim may force an employer to pay high damage awards if an injured employee can prove in court that the company was negligent. Texas law limits the employer’s liability for work-related injuries if an employer subscribes to workers’ compensation insurance coverage.

Furthermore, Texas law requires all employers to comply with reporting and notification requirements under the Texas Workers’ Compensation Act, including both nonsubscribers and subscribers. This information is helpful for employees seeking information on a company’s track record when filing a claim.

Liggett Law Group Can Help With Texas Workers’ Compensation Nonsubscriber Claims

Liggett Law Group, concentrating its practice on Texas workers’ compensation nonsubscriber claims, was formed to provide a complete package of legal skills to protect your interests. Ted Liggett fights for his clients – fights for the injured due to negligence or wrongful actions of another person or entity.

If you were injured on the job, Liggett Law Group can help you in your Texas workers’ compensation nonsubscriber claim. Liggett Law Group focuses on helping employees seek compensation directly from their employers through nonsubscriber complaints. Many employers will try to deny your injury to avoid providing compensation, but by filing a Texas workers’ compensation nonsubscriber claim with Liggett Law Group, you will be one step ahead in securing payment for the injuries and financial damages you suffered.

Trust your Texas workers’ compensation nonsubscriber claims to our Lubbock workplace accident attorneys that have more than 20 years of jury trial experience.