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What Does the Texas Strategic Action Plan for Motorcycles Mean for Riders?

Texas is a beautiful state that offers motorcyclists plenty of open road to travel and take in the surrounding scenery. While riding across the state can is enjoyable, it can also come at a great cost. Each year, countless riders fall victim to the negligence of other drivers. While motorcycles make up only a fraction of vehicles on the road, bikers are 35 times more likely to die in a fatal accident than motor vehicle occupants.

This startling statistic, combined with the fact that Texas has room for safe driving improvement (the last recorded day without a fatal accident on a Texas road was November 7, 2000), prompted the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to look more closely at the issue at hand. TxDOT found many fatal accidents could have been avoided had the rider or driver been aware of proper driving techniques, as well as other factors such as obeying traffic laws and wearing personal protective equipment. An increase in motorcycle-related accidents and fatalities pushed TxDOT to understand the causes of these accidents and to develop a thorough plan to reduce serious injuries and deaths. The result was the development and implementation of the Texas Strategic Action Plan for Motorcycles.

The Texas Strategic Action Plan for Motorcycles is a bold initiative that aims to address safety concerns for motorcyclists while reducing the number of serious motorcycle-related serious injuries and fatalities and across the state. The plan uses crash data collected to determine which areas of the state have the greatest need for funding to reduce motorcycle accidents.

Increasing Social Awareness

TxDOT developed social awareness campaigns to address identified rider concerns. These awareness programs have proven effective, as Texas has recorded a decrease in motorcycle accident fatalities for the previous two years.

Look Learn Live is a safety awareness campaign that addresses trends associated with accidents that resulted in serious injuries and deaths. The first step of the initiative, ‘LOOK,’ addresses one of the most common causes of accidents – drivers turning left in front of a rider. ‘LOOK’ serves to remind drivers to check their blind spots for motorcyclists who are often easy to miss. The second step, ‘LEARN,’ promotes continued education for riders linked to a decrease in accidents. Lastly, ‘LIVE’ reminds drivers to always practice basic safety rules such as wearing a helmet and protective gear when riding.

Moving Forward

The Texas strategic action plan for motorcycles details how the state will address the issues found in the development of the plan moving forward. One of the major changes for Texas riders is the reinstatement of the mandatory helmet use rule for both drivers and passengers. TxDOT will reportedly need three to five years to fully implement the reinstatement.

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Everyone deserves to travel safely, regardless of his or her choice of vehicle. It is important that all drivers – both motor vehicle and motorcycle – work together to ensure roads are safe. By practicing safe driving, vehicle drivers can reduce the number of motorcycle accidents. If you or a loved one was seriously injured or killed in a motorcycle accident, you may be entitled to compensation. There is limited time to act following a roadway accident in Texas, so don’t delay in contacting us.