Top 10 Workplace Accidents

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Preventable workplace accidents still occur far too frequently, when simple safety measures could have saved the day. Workers are entitled to a safe workplace that does not pose a risk of serious harm. Under the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) workers can ask OSHA to inspect their workplaces, and receive information and training about hazards, ways to prevent harm and applicable OSHA standards.

Despite the rights and safety standards outlined by OSHA, preventable accidents continue to happen because employers cut corners to save money. In just the past nine months, 743 workplace fatalities have been reported according to OSHA. Fall protection tops the list of OSHA’s most-cited workplace safety violations each year.

 OSHA’s Top 10 Workplace Safety Violations in 2013

  1. Fall Protection: 8,241 violations
  2. Hazard Communication: 6,156 violations
  3. Scaffolding: 5,423 violations
  4. Respiratory Protection: 3,879 violations
  5. Electrical, Wiring Methods: 3,452 violations
  6. Powered Industrial Trucks: 3,340 violations
  7. Ladders: 3,311 violations
  8. Lockout/Tagout: 3,254 violations
  9. Electrical, General Requirements: 2,745 violations
  10. Machine Guarding: 2,701 violations

(Data Source: OSHA Report dated 10/25/13)

Texas companies have a history of workplace violations that end in deadly catastrophes, like the West, Texas Fertilizer Company, cited following the deadly ammonium nitrate explosion last year. Other Texas companies recently cited by OSHA for workplace safety violations include:

  • KWS Manufacturing Co. Ltd. in Burleson, Texas, cited for 17 safety and health violations after a worker was killed. Workers were exposed to caught-in hazards and amputation hazards from unguarded machinery, and struck-by hazards associated with the rigging and moving of heavy metals.
  • Tanner Timber Services LLC in Kountze, Texas, cited with five violations for failing to protect workers from hazardous, unguarded machines after an employee was struck and killed by a piece of lumber in excess of 800 pounds.
  • Marathon Norco Aerospace Inc. in Waco, Texas, cited with eight serious health violations for exposing workers to hazardous materials, such as nickel and cadmium.
  • Continental Mixer in Houston, Texas, cited for 35 safety and health violations, including failure to implement lockout/tagout procedures and failure to maintain occupational noise exposure limits.
  • Jarvis Metals Recycling Inc. right here in Lubbock, Texas, cited for 24 safety and health violations for exposing workers to unguarded machinery and electrical, noise, chemical, and fall hazards at the company’s Olive Avenue facility.

Lubbock Work Injury Lawyers

If you believe your workplace violates OSHA safety standards, contact OSHA for a review before an accident happens. If you or a loved one has been injured at work, contact the Lubbock work injury lawyers at Liggett Law Group. You have the right to a safe workplace, and the right to raise concerns or report unsafe work conditions without the fear of retaliation or discrimination.