Speeding Accidents

Speeding On The Highway Leads To Accidents

It is no secret that Texas drivers tend to drive fast, especially on highways. Despite increased speed limits over the years, drivers seem to consider speed limits more like suggestions rather than the law, and many appear to be operating their vehicles at least five miles per hour (MPH) over the speed limit, according to…

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Fall Roadway Conditions in North Texas

Lubbock Named Texas’ Fourth Deadliest City For Speeding

When we think about dangerous roads in Texas, usually the larger metropolitan areas come to mind, such as Houston or Dallas. Most of us consider Lubbock to be particularly safe as compared to the larger cities in Texas. Unfortunately, however, a recent report composed by the National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) ranked Lubbock as the…

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Lubbock Auto Accident Attorneys

Texas Drivers Are Some Of The Worst Speeding Offenders According to New Data

Whether we’d like to admit it or not, we’ve all sped while driving at least once in our lives. You may have sped to the hospital so your significant other could give birth to your first child or raced down the highway to be on time for a big meeting. Just because speeding is a common occurrence doesn’t mean it should be.

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Lubbock Police Cracking Down On Speeding Drivers

There’s a good reason all roads in the U.S. have maximum posted speed limits. Speeding while behind the wheel is incredibly dangerous. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), speeding killed 10,111 people in 2016. This accounted for 27% of all traffic fatalities. Despite the dangers, many Lubbock drivers continue to speed, putting everyone on the roadways at risk. To combat speeding drivers, the Lubbock Police Department is cracking down on violators.

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Speeding’s Effect On Auto Accidents

Any auto accidents can result in serious injuries and property damage. However, some factors contribute to the risk involved, greatly increasing the danger. One of the most influential aspects of damage resulting from a car, truck, or motorcycle accident is the speed at which the vehicles were traveling. When even one of the automobiles is speeding, drivers and passengers face a much higher risk of serious injuries or death.

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