Investigating Semi Truck Accident Lawsuits

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One of the most important factors in winning semi truck accident lawsuit, is starting a thorough investigation as soon as possible after the crash. At Liggett Law Group, our semi truck accident attorneys have the resources and experience to ensure that the evidence supporting your case is properly collected, preserved, and assessed.

Collecting Evidence

One of the first steps in a semi truck accident investigation is to fully observe the scene and collect and catalogue all pertinent evidence. Everything from skid marks to vehicle damage is evaluated to help reconstruct the accident. Witnesses to the accident will also be interviewed.

Additional evidence that must be collected includes information about the truck and its driver, such as:

  • Dispatch records
  • Data recorders
  • Hours of Service logs
  • Maintenance logs
  • Permits
  • Vehicle inspection reports
  • Weight reports
  • Driver employment application and employment history
  • Records of prior collisions
  • Records of prior traffic violations
  • Truck company’s court records
  • Truck company’s safety records
  • Driver’s criminal record
  • Driver’s safety record

Truck drivers and their employers are governed by strict state and federal regulations. We will need to answer questions including: How much time the driver was behind the wheel? What had he or she been consuming? And what type of cargo is the driver certified to haul?

Black boxes are typically known for their importance in airplane investigations, but our Lubbock semi truck accident lawyers know that many big rigs are fitted with similar devices. They record information about the truck’s recent activity that can be critical in our investigation, from sudden braking to gear shifting and sudden changes in velocity.

If the truck was outfitted with a GPS device, we can reconstruct the vehicle’s location at any given time, therefore determining its rate of speed. This is extremely useful in determining whether speed was a contributing factor in the crash.

Preserving Evidence

It is not uncommon for crucial documents such as maintenance records, driver logs and black box data to be “lost” or “accidentally destroyed.” Truck companies may try to get the vehicle away from the accident scene quickly to repair vehicle damage and obscure evidence that may point to mechanical problems, defects, driver error, or poor maintenance.

To prevent this, our Lubbock semi truck accident attorneys act quickly to send a preservation letter to the involved parties. This document informs the other parties that you intend to file a claim and instructs them to preserve all evidence. Failing to preserve this evidence after the letter is received can constitute a criminal offense.

Semi Truck Accident Lawsuits

While a thorough investigation is key to a successful lawsuit, it’s not the only important factor. Having an experienced, committed semi truck accident lawyer you can mean the difference between winning and losing a Texas semi truck accident claim.

At Liggett Law Group, our attorneys have more than 25 years of combined experience in fighting the trucking industry and helping clients recover the compensation they deserve. Call our toll free number, (855) 955-HURT, today to get the integrity, advocacy, and results you deserve.