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Self-Driving Trucks Ready For Business In Texas

Driverless trucks have officially hit the roads in Texas and are ready for business. Kodiak Robotics, the developer of the automated vehicles, has confirmed eight driverless trucks are now making deliveries on Texas roads, running between Dallas and Houston to start. The company claims more trucks will certainly hit the road soon, but for now they are still in the developmental phase, and their self-driving trucks will have a “safety driver” riding along in the drivers seat, just in case.

While testing autonomous cars is nothing new to the state of Texas, many Texas drivers are still left with concerns about the safety measures, or lack thereof, put into place when it comes to these large self-driving vehicles operating on the state’s roads. What regulations are currently in place? Who is liable if one of these driverless trucks is involved in an accident?

Dangers of Self-Driving Trucks

Sure, automated trucks might sound interesting and nice on paper, and Kodiak claims to be doing everything it can to make the vehicles safe, however, many issues come into question as the trucks are put to work. Some of the major concerns and possible dangers that come with driverless trucks on Texas roads include:

  • New, underdeveloped technology possibly failing
  • Software or hardware defects
  • Lack of road regulations
  • No applicable basis for determining fault or liability
  • Large, heavy machines operating on roads without the ethics and experience of human drivers

Self-Driving Trucks Need for Laws and Regulations

Unfortunately, there is no clear path to determining liability when a self-driving truck collides another vehicle. Many question whether or not the trucking company, the software developers, the other driver, or even the company that hires the trucking company will be held responsible. This is especially concerning due to the size and nature of the vehicles and the massive damages of which they are capable.

While the trucks continue to test routes, safety, and technology during operation, many are put in harms way on Texas roads. If you or a loved one becomes a victim of a trucking accident, regardless of whether or not a driver is behind the wheel of the truck, we can help. Contact the truck accident attorneys at Liggett Law group today for a free case evaluation.