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School Bus Safety For Drivers

Traveling via the school bus system is fairly common among school age children, and even in some instances younger age groups. Each school day, many kids utilize these buses to get them off to class or to end the day. Though the school bussing systems seem simple enough, getting on and off the bus can also be a dangerous task.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, more than one million children rely on school transportation each day. Not only that, but there are also over 9,000 public schools in Texas alone. With these numbers in mind, it’s more important than ever for children and motorists alike to follow basic safety practices when it comes to traffic and pedestrian safety.

In statistics from 2000 to 2009 from the National Department of Public Safety, an average of 139 fatalities were reported per year as a result of school transportation related accidents. They also reported roughly ten child pedestrians were killed each year from being struck by a school bus, while another four per year were hit by other vehicles.

One of these tragic instances came to light when on a Monday morning in Ohio, a 15-year old girl was sideswiped by a car’s side-mirror while walking to her bus stop. She then fell to the ground and was run over by another vehicle that fled the scene. The girl later died from the injuries she sustained.

In Missouri, a video was taken of a car jumping a curb, driving over the sidewalk, and smashing into someone’s yard just to get around a school bus that was dropping off small children.

While this sounds like something one might find in a horror film, this is the scary reality our children face getting to and from school each day. In order to make sure both drivers and pedestrians alike are staying safe, the Texas Department of Public Safety offers the following tips for students and drivers to keep in mind:

  • Remember to stand at least ten feet away from the curb while waiting for the bus.
  • Make sure to look both ways prior to crossing the street after exiting the bus.
  • Before you cross the street, ensure you are far enough in front of the bus so the driver can see you.
  • Once exiting the bus, make sure there are no cars passing on the shoulder of the road.
  • Always obey the posted speed limit.
  • Keep an eye out for children gathered at a bus stop.
  • Watch for children who could run across the street to catch their bus.
  • Never block crosswalks.
  • Always stop for flashing lights on a school bus, regardless of the direction you’re heading.
  • Remember that the area ten feet around a school bus is the most dangerous, so leave plenty of room.

Lubbock School Bus Accidents Lawyers

Any injury involving a loved one can be devastating, but a serious injury to a child can be especially traumatic. If your child has been involved in a school bus accident, contact the Lubbock school bus accident lawyers at Liggett Law Group for help with your case.