Kids and Cars

Kids and Cars

Being distracted and in a hurry can cause us to forget there may be little ones in harm’s way that we cannot see from our driver’s seat. Every week in the United States, 50 children are injured from being backed over by a vehicle. Of these 50, an average of two are fatalities.

Many of these accidents can be avoided by a driver, before getting into the car, taking a few extra seconds  to examine their surroundings to ensure children are not playing around or under the car.

We are busy people who drive big cars. Many Americans pride themselves on multi-tasking, often talking on the phone, eating, catching up on news, drinking coffee, making sure the kids have everything they need, all while driving. Along with multi-tasking, many of us are driving larger and higher vehicles, making visibility of smaller objects more difficult. In fact, over sixty-percent of backing up incidents involved a larger size vehicle, such as a truck, van, or sports utility vehicle (SUV).

Though the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has instituted a program requiring backup cameras in new vehicles, it is still our responsibility to make sure children are safe in and around our cars.

Distracted driving when backing up and pulling out of driveways

When climbing into our cars, we are often distracted by making sure we have everything we need for the day, making that call, or planning out our route – the last thing we have time to do is check to see who is playing near our driveway. Often our driveways are popular play areas for children, where they can play ball, tag, hopscotch, and even hide-and-seek. Being distracted when getting into your car can cause you to be unaware of a child playing behind the vehicle or even using it as a hiding place.

When it comes to driveways and other parking areas, the danger does not end with checking immediately behind, in front, and under your car. After getting into the vehicle, it is also important to be aware of surrounding sidewalks and driveways where children can dart out after a ball or pet. Being aware of who is around as you begin your commute can help save you and others from tragedy.

Car Accidents Involving Children

Even if you are extremely careful and avoid distractions, it is impossible to eliminate all dangers; and, just because you drive safely doesn’t mean everyone around you is doing the same. Unfortunately, accidents do happen. While much media attention and state and federal agency statistics focus on traffic accidents, a great number of car-related accidents happen just feet from your home or the home of a loved one.

Kid-related non-traffic incidents often involve the child or relative of the driver, but a driver can also injure the child of a neighbor or a friend. When dealing with these tragedies, you need an advocate who understands the unique emotional and legal aspects of the situation. Having an experienced auto accident attorney can help ensure the injured party gets the care and compensation they deserve.

Experienced Auto Accident Attorneys

The attorneys at Liggett Law Group are experienced in a variety of car and truck accidents. We treat each client with sensitivity and respect, while advocating strongly on their behalf to get the results they want. If you or a loved one has been involved in an auto accident in the Lubbock area, contact the Liggett Law Group today. Our team of skilled trial attorneys can provide you the guidance you need through this difficult time.