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Having a Safe Summer on Texas Waterways

Though a lot of weather events can happen in Texas, one thing is always certain; the summer will be either hot and dry or hot and sticky, depending on where you live in the state, And either way, you will be looking to water for relief, which means many Texans will clog the roads to get to the many waterways in the state, including lakes, rivers and beaches. That means it’s time to remind you that it’s always necessary to be extra safe when playing in, on or around the water.

Of course, the most important reminder is to make sure small children are under constant adult supervision around any water. Don’t be tempted to allow another child to supervise them, no matter how responsible you think they are, in part because their size may prevent a rescue if that becomes necessary.

How to Stay Safe on Texas Waterways

If you’re a boater, you should have your boat inspected and make sure it’s in safe operating condition. Also, make sure you have adequate safety equipment that is in good working order. The types and quantity of safety equipment required on a boat during operation will vary with its size, but everyone’s safety equipment should include a Type B fire extinguisher and sufficient number of flotation devices for everyone on board. Also, all boats are required to have navigation lights, which must be on between sunset and sunrise. Even if you plan to be in well before sunset, make sure you’re ready for anything that doesn’t go according to plan.

Make sure there is plenty of drinking water on board, and always have a fully charged cell phone at all times. In addition, small children and inexperienced swimmers should always be wearing Coast Guard-approved life jackets and know how to use them and the other flotation devices in an emergency before you even leave the dock or landing area.

Importantly, you should know that all operators of watercraft in Texas are under the same requirements as drivers when it comes to being safe and sober; the threshold for boating under the influence is now 0.08 blood alcohol content, just as it is drivers of motor vehicles. A boat DUI carries the same potential penalties, as well, so keep that in mind.

As we get into summer and the inevitable hot weather, the great waterways of Texas will call you to them and the Lubbock personal injury attorneys at Liggett Law Group want you to enjoy them safely. Taking simple precautions can prevent great tragedy and help you have the best summer ever.