Motorcycle group ride

Going for a Group Ride? Practice these Motorcycle Safety Tips

A common shared experience among the majority of motorcycle enthusiasts is the adventure of a group ride. As temperatures rise and summer vacation begins, riders across Texas prepare to embark on adventures near and far. Group rides can be an opportunity to make memories with fellow riders that can be shared for years to come. To help ensure many more trips in the future, motorcycle riders should practice safe driving behaviors and stay informed and on the lookout for dangers that come with sharing congested roads with summer travelers.

Safety in Numbers

Group riding differs from solo riding as it is important that the group remain together throughout their journey. While keeping a group together comes with its own challenges, there are many benefits for all riders. A significant positive that comes from traveling in a group is increased visibility, and limited visibility is a common factor in serious motorcycle collisions. By keeping the following group safety tips in mind, all riders can enjoy a memorable experience and reduce the possibility of accidents.

Formulate a Travel Plan 

The first step in safe group motorcycle travel is to ensure all riders are on the same page as far as the route, upcoming or planned stops, as well as basic itinerary information such as travel accommodations. This allows all riders to have a clear idea of their route not only to prepare for the road itself but also in case the group is separated while traveling.

Designate Leaders

By designating a leader – specifically a rider with extensive experience on the road – the flow of group travel is easier to manage. A leader will not only be able to signal to other riders of upcoming changes in roadways or travel plans, but they can also guide the group on safer routes and designate appropriate pit-stops to refuel and rest. This allows a group to be prepared and in sync throughout their journey, which can reduce rider confusion and thus motorcycle accidents.

Single File

While larger groups are more visible to other vehicles they share the roads with, this does not mean groups are given special privileges. Bikers can help protect the safety of their fellow riders by riding single file when necessary, such as when stopping at highway tollbooths or if there is a change in the road – such as a sharp turn or curve – which can be dangerous to maneuver if riding side by side. Riders can look to their designated leader for signals that indicate the need for a group pattern change.

Appropriate Spacing

Similar to riding single file when necessary, riders should also keep their physical distance from not only other vehicles but within their group in mind. Riders should remain close enough together to travel safely as a unit but not close enough that a sudden stop, whether at a traffic signal or intersection, can cause a wreck. By leaving appropriate distance between group members, riders can better practice safe driving throughout their trip. Riders should keep this in mind when approaching traffic signals, stop signs, and intersections where they should proceed individually rather than as a group – meaning every rider needs to stop and signal if approaching a traffic sign or making a turn at an intersection.

Lubbock Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

There’s no season like the summer for making memories on the road with fellow riders. Unfortunately, while you can plan almost every aspect of a trip, you cannot plan for the negligence of other drivers. Distracted and aggressive drivers can quickly turn the vacation of a lifetime into a nightmare for riders and their loved ones. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured or killed in a motorcycle accident, you may be entitled to compensation. There is limited time to act in Texas following your accident, so contact the Lubbock motorcycle accident lawyers at the Liggett Law Group, P.C. for a free consultation.