Boy Electrocuted by Swimming Pool Light

Boy Electrocuted by Swimming Pool Light

As recent tragedy in Florida should remind parents in Texas, there are very few things in life worse than holding a funeral for your small child. Yet, it happens all too often, and it’s not always from a terrible illness. For example, a few weeks ago, a seven-year-old boy was killed because of an electrical problem with a light in the family’s swimming pool.

Swimming Pools and Dangerous Hazards

Obviously, when people think about swimming pool deaths, the first thing they think of is drowning, which is the most common cause of death in pools, although very preventable with basic precautions. In recent years, there has also been increased scrutiny of pool drains, which sometimes create enough suction to pose an additional hazard, especially for small children. They have caused a number of deaths worldwide.

On the other hand, pool lights aren’t usually considered all that dangerous, even though when you consider the components of a pool light, like electrical wiring, perhaps they should be. According to the investigation after this tragedy, electrical experts said the electrical wiring on the pool light had not been properly grounded, which meant all 120 volts of electricity was directed into the light fixture. That’s roughly ten times the amount of power that should have been going into the light, which resulted in accelerated corrosion around the light. Once the corrosion reached a certain point, the waterproof seal around the light failed and water got in, sending the electricity throughout the entire pool. As soon as the boy touched the metal rail to get out of the pool, he was electrocuted.

To make matters worse, the electrical expert pointed out that the repairs that needed to be made would have cost about $400.00, a small price to pay to keep a family safe.

Swimming Pool Injury Lawsuits

While these types of incidents seem very isolated, they do happen. According to one recent study, there are several cases like this every year. Usually, when someone is injured or killed due to negligence like this, the pool operator can be sued, because they have an obligation to keep everyone safe. Tragically, the pool operators in this case are the parents, so that may not happen, although they may be able to take action against the company responsible for the poor wiring, depending on the circumstances. If they were having the pool inspected and maintained regularly, they may also be able to take action against whoever failed to act in a reasonable or prudent manner, again, depending on circumstances.

It’s always important to be careful whenever children and a pool are involved, especially during summer, when they are around and underfoot a lot more often, and a cool pool beckons on a blazing hot day. In addition to making sure the pool area is always locked and children are always being supervised, pool owners should also be sure to have their pool maintained and inspected as often as possible, to prevent tragedies such as these, which are difficult to anticipate.

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