Causes of Refinery Explosions

Plant Explosions

Texas is consistently ranked near the top of all states in refining and industrial plant production. The economic output of Texas refineries helps bolster the state’s economy and job market. However, the complex maze of pipes and equipment at a refinery plant leaves refinery workers prone to accidents and injuries.

Modern engineering makes today’s refining systems safer, but the threat of refinery explosions remains. What are the causes of refinery explosions, and how can Liggett Law Group help if you or a loved one is injured in a plant explosion?

Texas Refinery Accidents

Texas refineries have a long history of employee injuries and deaths due to refinery accidents. In the last five years, numerous refinery accidents have resulted in at least seven deaths at Texas refineries.

  • January 2010 –Houston – Employee fall
  • April 2010 – Port Arthur – Crane accident
  • August 2012 – Port Arthur – Pipe laying accident
  • April 2012 – Big Spring – Train-Truck accident
  • April 2013 – Beaumont – Fire
  • January 2015 – Corpus Christi – Employee fall

Causes of Refinery Explosions

Refinery explosions can be broken down into three main categories – poor maintenance, dirty chemicals, and safety violations. Maintaining the high tech equipment used at refineries is a full time job. Unseen corrosion can weaken metal, reducing a pipe’s capacity to withstand high pressures. When a refinery company attempts to cut corners by cutting down on maintenance, a refinery explosion is often the result.

Dirty chemicals are the second common cause of refinery explosions. The cocktail of chemicals used in the refinery process must be pure. Dirty chemicals can lead to unforeseen reactions placing refinery employees at risk for fires, explosions, and respiratory failure.

Failure to follow OSHA standards for workplace safety can cause refinery explosions. Violations of these standards place employees at risk for injury or death. If a refinery explosion hurt you or a loved one, contact the lawyers at Liggett Law Group for a review of your situation. Even minor injuries should be reported.

Types of Refinery Explosion Injuries

Common injuries after a refinery explosion include:

  • Orthopedic injuries like broken arms, legs, and ribs
  • Head trauma and brain damage
  • Severe burns
  • Injuries to the respiratory system
  • Back and neck pain
  • Vision impairment
  • Loss of life

Get Help From Refinery Accident Attorneys

Have you suffered any of these injuries after a refinery explosion? If so, contact Liggett Law Group to speak with our experienced team of Texas oilfield and refinery accident attorneys. Our team is experienced representing injured workers and their families. Financial recovery for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering can all become part of a settlement with a negligent refinery operator. Contact Liggett Law Group today.