Drilling Accident Lawyers

Oilfield Accidents

Across West Texas, oil wells and derricks are scattered along the horizon, often as far as the eye can see. For many of the thousands of workers in the oilfield, these sites represent the potential to make good money and provide their families with financial security. While this can be the case, the sad truth is this industry also comes with many dangers, and too many workers are injured or killed in oil rig drilling accidents every year.

Worker safety should be top priority in the oil industry, but many companies disregard safety regulations and good practices in favor of increasing profits. When this negligence results in a worker’s injury or death, the company should be held responsible. At Liggett Law Group, our Lubbock drilling accident lawyers have helped many injured workers and the families of workers who have been killed on the job to pursue compensation against negligent companies.

Common Oil Rig Drilling Injuries

Although there are many federal and state safety regulations aiming to protect oilfield employees, there are many serious and even fatal oilfield injuries that occur among these workers every year. These injuries include:

If severe enough, these injuries can result in the victim’s wrongful death. Even if the injuries aren’t fatal, though, they will likely require extensive long-term medical care. These medical treatments are costly, and when unable to work due to injuries, injured workers quickly find themselves in financial crisis.

Getting Compensation For Texas Oil Rig Drilling Injuries

The Lubbock drilling accident lawyers at Liggett Law Group have decades of experience in helping personal injury victims obtain the maximum compensation possible. Oilfield litigation is complex and requires specific knowledge of how this industry works. It’s critical for an attorney handling a drilling accident case to know the industry jargon and terminology; to understand how different types of equipment are used at a job site; to know what specific job roles mean; and to understand the relationships between the different parties involved at a drilling site.

When an injury occurs, there are often several parties involved at the job site. In investigating an oilrig drilling accident, our attorneys will determine what roles each party played and who is liable.

After a drilling accident, workers may be entitled to financial recovery for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. At Liggett Law Group, we understand how vital this compensation is to you and your family to help you recover physically, emotionally, and financially after a work injury. Our Lubbock drilling accident lawyers will aggressively fight for the maximum amount of compensation possible. Contact us today for a free and confidential case evaluation.