Wrong Way Collision

Wrong Way Detection Technology Tested in Texas

Imagine driving down the highway and seeing a car headed straight for you. With only seconds to react, a collision with a wrong way driver is almost always catastrophic. Driving the wrong way against the flow of traffic happens more often than most people think, and the resulting wrong way crashes are often some of the most dangerous roadway accidents. In fact, every year Texas roadways see about 240 wrong-way drivers, many of which lead to car crash fatalities.

Wrong way driving occurs when a driver travels in the wrong direction, often having passed numerous warning signs they were headed the wrong way, but failing to notice them because of intoxication, exhaustion, inattention, or other distractions. Driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs causes most wrong way crashes. In fact, close to 50 percent of wrong way crashes involve a drunk driver.

Reducing Wrong Way Accidents in Texas

Since Texas has so many large cities full of traffic, the North Texas Tollway Authority teamed up with Texas A&M Transportation Institute to help reduce wrong way driving incidents. According to a Texas A&M Transportation Institute study, 72 percent of these types of crashes happen at night. Researchers installed solar-powered “Wrong Way” signs with flashing LEDs in San Antonio, Texas as a test, and found this measure alone reduced wrong way driving by 40 percent. As a result of this research, the Texas Department of Transportation introduced flashing signs in several additional major metropolitan areas. Hopefully, more cities will choose to utilize these devices in an effort to save lives and reduce the number of catastrophic injuries that occur from head-on collisions.

According to TTI Research Engineer Melisa Finley, advanced vehicle technology could soon play a leading role in preventing traffic tragedies. This new technology would allow a vehicle to detect a wrong way driver and to take several safety steps thereafter, including alerting the offending driver, sending information to a traffic management center, and warning other drivers about the incoming danger via in-vehicle messages.

Texas Car Crash Lawyers

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