Liggett Law Group Files Workplace Accident Suit For Electrocuted Worker

Workplace Accident Suit

On April 10, 2014, Jose Aguirre was tragically killed while performing job related duties and the cause of death was electrocution. Park Tower Residents were startled by what they thought was an explosion and rushed out of their apartments to find the Mr. Aguirre lying on the ground smoldering and struggling to breathe. Ted Liggett of the Lubbock law firm Liggett Law Group has filed a workplace accident suit against Park Towers, LLC on behalf of the family of Jose Aguirre in the workplace accident.  An industrious, caring, energetic and an affectionate husband and spouse, Jose is survived by a wife and one child.

Plaintiff alleges that through a series of errors, omissions and/or missteps by Park Towers, LLC and Carter Stanley the preventable workplace death of Mr. Aguirre occurred. Mr. Aguirre’s fatal workplace accident could have been prevented by the addition of proper safety protocol, appropriately qualified, trained and supervised employees, sufficient training, and machine usage protocols, among other safety precautions.

Mr. Liggett seeks to hold Park Towers and Carter Stanley responsible for the gross negligence that ultimately led to Mr. Aguirre’s untimely death, including:

Premises Liability: Park Towers and Carter Stanley maintained facilities with an unreasonable risk of electrocution that endangered residents and employees at Park Towers

Negligent Activity: Defendants owed a legal duty to the decedent to use ordinary care while he was instructed to install and/or remove electrical wiring on their premises. Defendants breached that duty when they instructed and allowed untrained employees to run electrical wires and operate in close proximity to electrical transformers, without first shutting off the power to the premises.

Negligent Hiring: Defendants failed to hire employees and/or retain employees with the requisite experience to install electrical wiring and work around electrical conduits and transformers. They also failed to supervise and train their employees who lacked this experience.