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Work Zone Deaths On The Rise

Texas drivers are no strangers to roadwork. As the state continues to repair and expand its roads, drivers need to remember to use extra caution when driving through work zones. The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) reports that the number of work zone fatalities last year increased 9% over the previous year.

Fatalities In Work Zones

In 2017, TxDOT reported 199 fatalities and 813 injuries in work zones. While construction workers are at a particular risk, the vast majority of work zone fatalities were actually comprised of other motorists and pedestrians. Only 4% of work zones deaths were road crew workers.

Work zones often utilize extensive signage and traffic barriers to alert drivers of the dangers, but it’s up to drivers to obey them. The leading causes of work zone crashes are speeding and driver inattention, indicating drivers are blatantly ignoring road work signs, traffic signs, and in some cases, the road itself.

Combatting Texas Work Zone Accidents

Because work zones pose additional risks to drivers and road crews, traffic citations in these areas are twice that of regular stretches of roads. When workers are present in work zones, reckless driving fines can reach up to $2,000. You would think the hefty price tag would deter reckless driving, but this isn’t the case. TxDOT is partnering with Austin-based Texas Mutual Insurance Company on a new campaign to encourage drivers to slow down and use caution in work zones, but whether or not the campaign will be successful remains to be seen.

There Is No Excuse For Reckless Driving

There are many reasons people engage in dangerous driving behaviors. Many people use cell phones while driving or speed through work zones because they wrongfully believe they can do so safely. There is no good reason to drive distracted or to exceed the maximum speed limit. Drivers that engage in these behaviors put themselves and others in extreme danger and they can be held responsible for the accidents and injuries they cause.

Work Zone Accident Attorney

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