Work Zone Auto Accidents

Work Zone Auto Safety Tips

At any given time in the state of Texas, there are around 2,500 active work zones where construction is being performed on state roads. For construction workers, surrounding traffic poses a serious risk for injury, and motorists need to exercise extra caution when driving near and/or through these areas to avoid work zone auto accidents.

Everyone Is At Risk In A Work Zone

Construction workers are not the only ones who experience increased risks in work zones. Motorists actually account for a larger number of fatalities in work zone accidents than construction workers. With large barrels, numerous signs, and shifting lanes, drivers need to stay focused to avoid work zone auto accidents. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, the top two causes of accidents in work zones are driver inattention and speeding.

To help keep both drivers and workers safe, drivers can follow these safety tips to prevent Lubbock work zone auto accidents:

  • Slow down. Reducing your speed isn’t just a good idea – it’s the law. Speed limits decrease in work zones and drivers caught speeding will receive fines double the ordinary cost.
  • Take a deep breath. Driving through slow traffic can be incredibly frustrating, but it can also be dangerous. Drivers who become irritated can end up driving aggressively and cause accidents.
  • Listen to flaggers. Oftentimes a construction worker will be assigned as a flagger to direct motorists through the work zone. This flagger has the same authority as any other road signs, and as such, disobeying them can land you a hefty fine.
  • Leave plenty of space. One of the most common accidents in work zones is a rear-end collision. Leave plenty of space between your vehicle and the car in front of you to avoid collisions.
  • Absolutely no distractions. Eating, changing the radio station, or using your cell phone while driving is always dangerous, but it is even riskier when driving through a work zone. Drivers might only be a few feet from large equipment, machinery, or workers, so any distraction could have devastating consequences.

Work zones are dangerous to both workers and drivers, but work zone auto accidents can be avoided. For drivers who are careless and negligent, injuries can be severe and even fatal.

Get Help With Lubbock Work Zone Auto Accidents

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