Self-Driving Cars

Will Self-Driving Cars Be Safe?

It’s estimated that by 2020, over 10 million self-driving cars will be on road, but will they really be safer and reduce car accident fatalities?

Types of Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars can be broken down into two categories: semi-autonomous and fully autonomous. Versions of semi-autonomous cars have been around for a while now, with features like cruise control available in nearly every vehicle manufactured since the 1970s. Today, advanced features like automatic braking and lane assist are available to improve safe driving in many different vehicles.

Fully autonomous vehicles are what come to mind when one hears the phrase “self-driving cars.” These vehicles are capable of making critical decisions while driving. While automakers like Tesla Motors and Volvo offer many autonomous features, they fall short of being completely autonomous and some manufacturers believe that fully driverless cars will not hit the roads anytime soon.

Federal Regulations on Self-Driving Cars

Google has been optimistic about the prospect of self-driving cars, suggesting that it will produce one in less than 10 years. Google recently proposed a plan that would allow self-driving cars to be sold and driven legally on U.S. roads. With the potential to greatly decrease and possibly eliminate car accident injuries and fatalities, many people are enthusiastically investing in these technologies, including the Obama administration, which has proposed allocating $4 billion in research funds for self-driving cars.

Research into self-driving technology could see fruitful results in the near future. Google has a fleet of prototype self-driving cars that have driven over 1.8 million miles on the road and have only been involved in one minor accident. While self-driving or fully autonomous cars have great potential to make our roads safer, it will be some time before they become widely adopted on our nation’s roadways.

Lubbock Car Accident Attorneys

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