Safety Inspections

Will Getting Rid Of Safety Inspections Make The Roads More Dangerous For Texas Drivers?

Nearly every Texas driver is familiar with yearly safety inspections. Without an up-to-date inspection, drivers could find themselves paying a traffic fine or be prevented from updating their vehicle registration. But some people believe this yearly ritual is out of date with current vehicle technology, and one Texas Senator proposed legislation to get rid of yearly safety inspections for Texas drivers.

Senator Don Huffines proposed Senate Bill 1588, which would repeal current safety inspection requirements. Sen. Huffines believes current motor vehicle inspections are “wasting Texans’ time and money” and points to other states like California that do not require residents to undergo annual safety inspections on their vehicles. Texas is one of only 16 states currently still imposing yearly safety inspections.

Texas’s mandatory safety inspection program has been in place since 1950, but supporters of the new legislation believe it is no longer relevant because advances in technology over the past sixty years have made cars significantly safer, making annual safety inspections unnecessary.

Others believe regularly safety inspections help keep unsafe cars off the road. During a safety inspection, technicians check various parts of the vehicle, including the seatbelts, brakes, tires, wheel assembly, power steering line, and the brake line, among other things.

For drivers who do not know much about the mechanics of the cars they drive, a safety inspection can alert them to problems they didn’t know they were facing that put them at risk for a car accident.

It’s not unreasonable that a sixty-seven year old program would need an update to adapt to changing technology, but completely abolishing the Texas car safety inspection program might put too much trust in car manufacturers. While car manufacturers have made great strides in safety since 1950, there are still many circumstances that can make a car unsafe on the road.

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