Who Texts and Drives?

text and drive

Texting and driving is an incredibly dangerous distracted driving behavior, and it is a popular belief that teenagers are the drivers who text and drive the most. However, new studies reveal adults text and drive just as much as teenagers. The reality of texting while driving is that any driver, regardless of age, can text and drive and put themselves and other motorists at risk.

How Widespread is the Problem?

According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA), at any given daylight moment in the U.S., over 660,000 drivers are using cell phones while driving. The Pew Research Center conducted a study that showed adults were more likely to text and drive than teenagers. 47% of adults who text regularly while not driving admitted to also reading and/or responding to text messages while driving. Only 34% of teenagers between the ages 16 – 17 admitted to texting while driving.

What Happens When You Text and Drive?

Texting while driving is dangerous because it combines all three types of distracted driving: manual, visual, and cognitive. Texting while driving takes the driver’s hands off the wheel, eyes off the road, and mind off the task of driving. On average, texting drivers take their eyes off the road for five whole seconds while driving. This is like traveling the length of a football field at 55 mph blindfolded.

Texting and driving causes thousands of car accident deaths and injuries each year. Drivers distracted by texting can easily injure themselves and other motorists on the roadway.

Every driver has a responsibility to drive safely. Any distractions, including texting while driving, are irresponsible and reckless. The next time you get behind the wheel, make a commitment to keep yourself and other motorists safe by leaving your cell phone out of reach.

Lubbock Texting While Driving Attorneys

Many cities in Texas have already adopted texting while driving laws that prohibit cell phone use while driving. If you were hurt in a car accident by a texting driver, call the experienced Lubbock car accident lawyers at Liggett Law Group today for a free consultation.