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Unsecured Wheelbarrow Causes Serious Accident

We’ve all experienced the fear and nerves that come with driving behind trucks with seemingly loose objects in the back. Will something fly out and hit your car, or worse, cause an accident? Unfortunately, this happens all too often, with more than 200,000 accidents occurring each year due to debris or loose objects, according to a 2016 study released by AAA.

This scary statistic recently became all too real for one Lubbock woman. She was driving on Loop 289 when a wheelbarrow flew out of the truck driving in front of her, causing her to swerve to avoid the object, lose control of her vehicle, and crash into a concrete median.

While the Lubbock woman only sustained minor injuries and car damage, accidents of this nature can just as easily turn catastrophic or deadly. The AAA study also revealed that 39,000 injuries were caused by road debris accidents in 2016, and the problem has persisted on Texas roads for too long.

Road Debris Danger

Of course we can’t always tell whether truck drivers have properly secured objects they are towing or not, but we can control our reactions and awareness when driving near one of these vehicles. Follow our tips below to help increase your safety and hopefully avoid any future road debris accidents:

  • Scan ahead as you drive and stay on high alert.
  • If you do see something large, call and report the issue, don’t try to handle it yourself.
  • If the object seems small, don’t swerve to avoid it, just drive ahead.
  • Slow down and change lanes to avoid larger debris already on the road.
  • Not getting into a bigger crash is your top priority.

Lubbock Car Accident Help

While truck drivers have an obligation to safely and securely load and haul items in their vehicles, that is not always the case. Many drivers might not even realize something fell out of their vehicles and are possibly responsible for an accident until they make it home and notice the object missing.

This is why it is important to remain on high alert while driving. If you see debris fall from a vehicle, first make sure you are safe, and then try to retrieve the company name, license plate number, or vehicle description if at all possible.

With that said, if you have already been the victim of an accident caused by road debris, we can help. Call the car accident attorneys at Liggett Law Group today for a free consultation.