Determining Truck Accident Liability in Texas

Lubbock Truck Accident Attorneys

Determining liability in trucking accident claims can be a complex process. It’s important to identify possible defendants that may be held legally responsible for your injuries and to hold those defendants accountable through civil litigation.

Truck accidents often leave the victims with large medical bills, long-term physical and emotional trauma, and an inability to return to work. The financial consequences of a truck accident shouldn’t be the responsibility of the victims, but rather of those who contributed to the accident.

Who is liable in a Truck Accident?

When the 18-wheeler accident lawyers at Liggett Law Group investigate trucking accident claims in Lubbock, determining liability is key. Those who may be potential defendants in a truck accident lawsuit can include:

  • Truck Driver

Driver negligence is among the first causes we will look at. Fatigue, intoxication, reckless driving, and distracted driving are common examples of trucker negligence that cause accidents.

  • Truck Companies

It is a trucking company’s obligation to perform thorough employment screening before hiring a driver. Background checks should be conducted, and certification and training should be checked.

The companies that employ drivers aren’t just obligated to have safe hiring practices, they are also responsible for creating and maintaining a culture of safety for their drivers. When companies put profit margins ahead of safety and place unreasonable demands for productivity on their drivers, it puts others on the road at risk.

These companies must ensure their drivers are operating within the state and federal regulations that govern the trucking industry, including time behind the wheel and the type and size of a load. Pushing drivers to “doctor” their logbooks to haul more loads or encouraging overloaded hauls is sadly not an uncommon practice.

Not having proper inspection and maintenance protocols for these massive vehicles can also have deadly results. The truck company can and should be found negligent when their practices lead to injury and wrongful death.

  • Truck Owner

In some cases, the company that employs the driver also owns the rig. This is not always the case, though. In fact, there may be two different owners, one for the truck’s cab and one for the trailer.

The party that owns the truck, in part or whole, has a responsibility to ensure that it is properly inspected and maintained. If those duties aren’t fulfilled, then the truck’s owner may also be held liable in a truck accident claim.

  • Government Entities

In some truck accidents, it is not driver error or company negligence that caused the accident but defective or hazardous roadways. State and federal governments may potentially held liable if these factors contributed to the crash.

If you were injured or a loved one was killed in an accident the truck accident lawyers at Liggett Law Group can help you recover the maximum compensation you’re entitled to. Contact us today online or call our toll free number (855) 955-HURT (4878) to schedule a free consultation and receive the integrity, advocacy, and results you deserve.