Tornado Safety Tips For Construction Workers

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Texas is no stranger to extreme weather, and in Lubbock, people who work outside need to always be alert to weather coming their way. Tornadoes are one of the most dangerous natural disasters workers face, and special precautions need to be taken to ensure workers stay safe.

How To Recognize The Signs of A Tornado

Monitoring local weather is the best way to stay informed about weather conditions. However, because tornadoes can appear quite suddenly, workers should watch for these signs that could indicate a tornado might form:

  • Dark, often greenish, clouds or sky
  • Large hailstones, often without rain
  • A loud roar similar to a freight train
  • An approaching cloud of debris
  • High winds and/or hail suddenly stopping
  • A funnel cloud appears

Preparing For A Tornado

With wind speeds up to 250 miles per hour, tornadoes are capable of picking up large objects, including cars and machinery. For construction workers, it is crucial all tools and materials are properly stored away when tornado-like conditions appear. If possible, all tools and materials need to be stored inside a vehicle or container to prevent them from being swung around in high winds caused by a tornado.

What To Do During A Tornado

The safest place to be during a tornado is inside a sturdy building. Unfortunately, most construction workers won’t have sufficient time to make it into a sturdy building. If you can’t make it to a building, the safest thing to do is lie down flat and facedown on the ground. Protect the back of your head with your arms. If possible, make sure you are far away from trees, vehicles, or other large objects.

If you are driving when a tornado touches down, the safest thing to do is lie down on the ground outside. If you do not have enough time to make it out of your vehicle safely, park, turn the engine off, make sure you are buckled up, and try to put your head down below the window. If you have a blanket or jacket, use that to cover your head. It is never safe to seek cover from a tornado under a bridge, in a mobile home, or in any portable building.

Employers’ Responsibility

Employers are responsible for writing out plans for emergencies in the workplace, including in cases of extreme weather. Employers are also responsible for ensuring their employees are informed of emergency plans and know what to do in the event of an emergency.

Lubbock Construction Accident Lawyer

There are many dangers associated with working in the construction industry, but tornadoes don’t have to be one of them. With the proper precautions and planning, construction workers can avoid serious injuries from tornadoes. However, when employers fail to take the appropriate steps to safeguard employees, they can be held responsible. If you were injured in a Texas construction accident, the experienced Lubbock construction accident attorneys at Liggett Law Group can help. Call us today for a free consultation.