Three Motorcycle Deaths Last Month Reminds Drivers To Share The Roads

Lubbock Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

As Texas finally warms up and enters the Spring season, many people are hitting the open road on motorcycles. With gorgeous weather also comes an increase in motorcycle accidents, and recent accidents are reminding Texans to share the roads safely.

Early last April, a passenger on a motorcycle was airlifted to a Lubbock hospital after suffering serious injuries from a motorcycle accident. Unfortunately, the driver of the motorcycle suffered fatal injuries. This fatal crash comes just two months after a motorcycle collided with a pedestrian, also causing one fatality. According to Lubbock spokeswoman Tiffany Pelt, “Each year there are between 20 to 30 fatal crashes in Lubbock. Several crashes include pedestrians or motorcyclists that are killed.”

Risk Factors For Motorcycle Accidents

Unfortunately for motorcyclists, there are many risks outside of their control. Drivers of passenger vehicles could be engaging in dangerous driving behaviors like speeding or distracted driving, which put motorcycles in serious danger. However, in Lubbock, speeding is a particularly prevalent issue. To help address it, the Lubbock Police Department created an additional unit to increase traffic enforcement. Lubbock drivers will likely see officers on motorcycles and in vehicles policing the roadways looking for drivers exceeding the maximum posted speed limits. Not only do citations help encourage safer driving behaviors, but just seeing a law enforcement officer on the roadway causes drivers to slow down, pay attention, and drive more safely.

Texans Must Share The Roads Safely With Motorcycles

Because motorcycles do not provide protection for riders, even minor collisions can cause severe injuries. Drivers need to do everything in their power to share the roads safely with motorcycles. This includes always checking for motorcycles (or other vehicles for that matter) before turning and lane changing and always obeying traffic signals and signs. Drivers that fail to share the roads safely can be held responsible for the motorcycle accident injuries they cause.

Lubbock Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Many people are biased towards motorcycles and wrongfully believe riders take on additional risks when they choose to ride a motorcycle. Riders are legally entitled to the same rights as drivers of passenger vehicles. If you or someone you love was injured in a Lubbock motorcycle accident, don’t wait to call Liggett Law Group today. We can help you obtain compensation for your injuries. Contact us to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.