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The Perils of Scaffolding Work

Construction workers in Texas quite often place their safety and their life into the hands of the crew that put up and maintained the scaffolding they used as part of their work. Under normal conditions, construction workers have the hardest and most dangerous jobs in the state; in all, about 10 percent of construction workers can expect to be injured on the job at some point. Unfortunately, falls from scaffolding systems that are either defective or improperly installed or maintained make those jobs even less safe and they are far too common.

Scaffolding Work Accidents and Injuries

Most common injuries involving scaffolding work have to do with something called “axial load,” which is the force exerted along the lines of an axis, which means the type of injury can depend on how that worker hits the ground. For example, sometimes a worker can fall and land in a standing position, meaning feet-first, resulting in fractured bones in their legs, ankles and feet because that’s where the axial load impacts them to the greatest extent. Likewise, if they land on their head, the axial load can lead to traumatic brain injury or spine or neck fractures, which can be devastating, even leading to permanent paralysis.

There are, of course, other injuries that can befall a construction worker working from a scaffold. For example, they can be hit by falling objects or other debris, which can cause serious injury. If a scaffold is improperly assembled, the scaffolding can collapse, which can lead to serious injury on the part of the workers on the scaffold as well as those working beneath the scaffolding.

Among the most common serious injuries related to scaffolding accidents at construction sites throughout Texas include the obvious, like head trauma, neck and back injuries, and broken bones, or the less obvious, which include collapsed lungs and limbs that are sometimes crushed or amputated in the fall. Many of those who suffer injuries in scaffolding accidents either require many years of special medical care and rehabilitation, while others end up permanently disabled. In some cases, a scaffolding accident can lead to a wrongful death.

Sometimes, employers can be exempt from liability for personal injury. However, even in those cases, there are others who may be held liable for the injuries suffered by the construction worker, such as the manufacturer if the scaffolding was defective or their instructions for assembling it were insufficient, or the company that sold, rented or set up the scaffolding, or even subcontractors or property owners who can be found negligent.

Texas Scaffolding Work Accident Lawyers

In any case, it is necessary to do a thorough investigation of all aspects of the scaffolding accident to determine what went wrong and who was responsible for it. If you or a loved one have been injured or suffered a wrongful death because of scaffolding that did not do its job properly, please contact the construction accident injury lawyers at the Liggett Law Group as soon as possible, so that we can begin our investigation and get you and your family the compensation you deserve for injuries that were not your fault.