The Ins and Outs of Recovery from a Spinal Cord Injury

The Ins and Outs of Recovery from a Spinal Cord Injury

When someone is in any sort of accident, whether it’s a car or truck accident, a slip and fall, or a workplace injury, there is no injury more potentially devastating to the victim than a spinal cord injury. It’s difficult to imagine any other injury that is more debilitating and costly. In addition to the pain and trauma of the initial impact, victims usually face many years of ongoing treatment, rehabilitation and physical therapy, and a great many of them end up with permanent physical disabilities.

While many people who suffer spinal cord injuries suffer some level of paralysis, through months or years of treatment, many spinal cord injury victims can recover a significant level of movement, but the costs are nothing short of astronomical, especially if you consider not just the cost of the treatment but the related expenses.

Stages of Spinal Cord Injury

There are two stages of spinal cord injury recovery: the acute stage and the rehabilitation stage. The acute stage is the initial treatment stage; according to many experts in the field, what happens during this phase is crucial and quick action gives the patient the best chance for any sort of recovery. When they arrive at the accident scene, emergency personnel will use stiff collars and boards to immobilize the spine to minimize potential damage. They will also attempt to stabilize the victim’s breathing and blood pressure.

In addition, once the patient is at the hospital, many physicians will attempt to use steroids like methylprednisolone within eight hours of the accident in an attempt to limit damage to the nerve cells. They may even perform surgery in an attempt to relieve pressure around the spine and to move possible foreign objects that may be impeding movement and recovery. The acute phase continues until the patient is stable and ready for rehabilitation therapy.

For many victims of spinal cord injuries, the initial treatment phase is extremely difficult, often as difficult or more than the long-term treatment that comes later. However, the overall recovery will be long-term. For most spinal cord injury patients, care takes the form of rehabilitation and they will usually begin working with physical therapists as soon as possible, to help rebuild muscle strength and coordination. Soon after, they will begin working with occupational therapists, who will help them re-learn things that most people take for granted, like bathing, going to the bathroom, dressing themselves, and brushing their teeth. A significant part of the rehabilitation process assists patients in dealing with the loss of motor function and the ongoing chronic pain.

Most recovery from a spinal cord injury happens within the first six months after the accident, and it is believed that any loss off function that continues after about a year is likely to be permanent. While doctors will always encourage patients to maintain a positive outlook, believing that is important to recovery, the unfortunate fact is, people with spinal cord injuries also tend to experience a much higher rate of depression and substance abuse, which means even more treatments and support groups.

Liggett Law Group Handles Texas Spinal Cord Injury Claims

Recovery from a spinal cord injury is usually extremely difficult and extensive and if the cause of the injury was not your fault, you should not bear the burden of the cost all by yourself. You’ll need a knowledgeable and experienced Spinal Cord Injury Attorney, such as those at the Liggett Law Group, to help you. These cases are very intricate and not every attorney can handle every aspect of your case. Contact us today, so that we can evaluate the facts of your case and determine the best way for you to recover everything you’re entitled to.