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The Dangers of Working in Lubbock Texas Oilfields

It’s difficult to overstate the danger inherent in working in a Lubbock, Texas oilfield; oil work is a difficult profession dealing with dangerous chemicals and sometimes difficult conditions. The inherent danger, combined with an oil and gas boom in which companies are trying to squeeze ever-larger profits out of each worker means there have been numerous accidents in Lubbock oilfields, leading to a great number of injuries and even some fatalities.

There are many reasons for oilfield accidents, but one of the most common reason is that oilfield workers are being made to work long hours without rest, and the fatigue that develops can have a negative effect on a worker’s attentiveness, which can lead to a greater number of errors. This is especially dangerous when it comes to oil drilling, because it requires workers to use heavy machinery, which can sometimes malfunction, requiring the worker using it to have the ability to react quickly and safely to the mistake or defect.

There is also the fact that oil is inherently very flammable and also very slick, which means care must be taken to keep fire and sparks away from the work area, and to keep the work areas clean so as to prevent slips and falls, which are a common source of injury at an oilfield site. Quite often, the companies that own and run drilling operations decide to maximize profits by taking shortcuts with regard to safety in order to maximize their profits, and they won’t pay close attention to the details and that can leave workers at greater risk.

Those are but a few of the most common reasons for oilfield worker accidents and injuries, but the combination of worker fatigue and employer neglect in a naturally dangerous and stressful environment can’t be overstated. The fact of the matter is, oilfield employers have a duty to keep workers safe, and they and equipment manufacturers owe a duty of care to make sure that drilling and extraction equipment is manufactured to high standards and maintained to keep those high standards.

Accidents involving oilfield workers can produce severe injuries, including severe burns, broken bones, exposure to hazardous chemicals that can lead to long-term illnesses, and many others, and some such accidents even lead to a wrongful death. Whenever someone responsible for keeping workers safe is negligent in their duties, there are numerous laws and regulations on the books designed to help a stricken oilfield worker recover from his injuries, or to help a family recover for the loss of a loved one.

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