driving near an 18-wheeler

How To Drive Safely Near 18-Wheelers

Though we were taught to drive cautiously and defensively while on the road, many driving school lessons failed to cover safety procedures and best practices when it comes to driving near large trucks.

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Spoliation and Your Trucking Accident

Trucker Gets Prison Time For Watching Football While Driving

Across the United States, we’ve seen the devastation just one act of distracted driving can cause in a variety of scenarios, ranging from putting makeup on in the car, to eating while driving, to, of course, the prevalent act of texting and driving. While these are frightening behaviors drivers know should be stopped immediately, would…

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Poor Training

How Does Poor Training Lead to Truck Accidents?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires truck drivers to complete special training in order to receive a commercial driver’s license or CDL. This training aims to reduce the number and severity of truck accidents by instructing commercial drivers in proper driving techniques and safety measures. While most drivers are properly trained, as with any…

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