Coronavirus Injuries

Can Businesses Be Held Liable for Coronavirus Injuries and Deaths?

The Coronavirus-induced new reality that we’re living in has raised an understandably large amount of questions – even more so as states begin reopening. The presence of COVID-19 is likely to develop a new area of premises liability law that establishments will be confronting over the next several years regarding Coronavirus injuries. As community health…

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playground accidents

Who’s Responsible When Your Child Gets Hurt On The Playground?

As kids go back to school, they will spend time on playgrounds during recess, but this joyous time can be traumatic if a child is injured. While minor injuries like scrapes and bruises are common, children can easily sustain broken bones, cuts and concussions that require emergency treatment. Additionally, children on playgrounds on Texas are exposed to a unique danger – burns, from the hot Texas sun heating metal components and equipment found on playgrounds.

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