NHTSA Opens Investigation into Graco Recall

Safety Tips for Driving Child Passengers

We all want our children to be as safe as possible in every situation. Keeping them safe while in the car might seem simple enough, but plenty of factors you might not be aware of play into road safety for children. In an effort to ensure the safety of children while riding in cars, the…

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Child Vehicular Heatstroke

National Child Vehicular Heatstroke Awareness and Prevention Day

So far this year, five children have lost their lives to heatstroke in cars despite the fact that most of the country has yet to experience the relentless heat of the summer months. Heatstroke is a very real threat in Texas, and so Liggett Law Group takes the first ever National Child Vehicular Heatstroke Awareness and Prevention Day very seriously.

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playground accidents

Who’s Responsible When Your Child Gets Hurt On The Playground?

As kids go back to school, they will spend time on playgrounds during recess, but this joyous time can be traumatic if a child is injured. While minor injuries like scrapes and bruises are common, children can easily sustain broken bones, cuts and concussions that require emergency treatment. Additionally, children on playgrounds on Texas are exposed to a unique danger – burns, from the hot Texas sun heating metal components and equipment found on playgrounds.

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Car Seat

Is Your Car Seat Safe?

Because newborns and young children are particularly vulnerable during motor vehicle accidents, it’s absolutely essential that child safety seats meet all applicable safety standards. Unfortunately, car seats are sometimes sold with design and/or manufacturing defects that can put millions of children at risk.

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