Teen Drivers

Are Larger Cars Safer for Teen Drivers?

Receiving a driver’s license is a rite of passage for American teenagers. For parents of teen drivers, this license symbolizes more than just the end of carpool. As exciting as this time period can be for both parents and teens, safety must remain a top priority as new drivers begin to experience the freedom of…

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driving fatigued

The Dangers of Fatigued Driving

Whether it’s due to getting up early for the morning commute, staying up late working on a big project, or just simply not getting enough sleep—we probably drive drowsy more often than we think. Generally, this wouldn’t be very alarming. Driving drowsy isn’t the same as driving under the influence, right? What most drivers and…

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Commercial Vehicle Accident

Fog to Blame for Lubbock Commercial Vehicle Accident

Each day, many commercial vehicles take to the roadways. Commercial vehicles include a company car, truck, van, bus, or 18-wheeler used by employees or agents of a business. Though these vehicles are intended for work purposes, the chances of a motor vehicle accident occurring are similar to those of non-commercial vehicles. Recently, a commercial semi-truck was involved in a multi-vehicle accident just after the Christmas holiday.

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Deadly Auto Accidents

Lubbock Man Accused of Causing Deadly Crash While Racing Indicted

Car accidents can be pretty terrifying. Unfortunately, however, they are fairly common and can happen when we least expect it. A local case involving a deadly crash that occurred over the summer is finally getting some closure after a local man accused of causing the incident by racing was indicted.

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Wrong Way Collision

Wrong Way Detection Technology Tested in Texas

Imagine driving down the highway and seeing a car headed straight for you. With only seconds to react, a collision with a wrong way driver is almost always catastrophic. Driving the wrong way against the flow of traffic happens more often than most people think, and the resulting wrong way crashes are often some of…

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Taxicab accidents

Taxicab Accidents in Texas

At any given time, thousands of taxicabs travel the streets and highways all over Texas. People use them to get back and forth to work, to get to a doctor’s appointment, to enjoy a night out without having to worry about driving or many other reasons.In their constant effort to make a profit, some taxi drivers try to pick up and drop off as many passengers is possible in the shortest possible time frame. Quite often, either the driver or the passenger is in a hurry and the combination of time pressures, traffic and distractions can lead to accidents, which in turn may cause serious injuries to passengers, other drivers, bicyclists and even pedestrians.

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