Summer Driving Safety Tips

Summer Driving Safety Tips

Now that school is out, many Lubbock families will be hitting the road for summer road trips, and Tech Tech students will be heading home for summer break. Read up on our top tips to stay safe on the roads this summer.

Summer Driving Safety Tips


The lifespan of a tire depends on the type of tires. Auto manufacturers and tiremakers differ in their estimations of the lifespan of a tire. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has no specific guidelines on tire aging, and recommends consumers refer to auto manufacturer recommendations. Mercedes-Benz tells consumers to replace tires six years after their production date, regardless of tread life. Michelin says a tire can last up to 10 years, but only offers a limited warranty for six years. The truth is there is no way to put a date on when a tire “expires,” because such factors as heat, storage, and driving conditions can dramatically affect the life of a tire.

  • Tread wear: Are your tire treads worn down to the nubs? If so you definitely need to get new tires before you hit the road.
  • Uneven tread wear: Is one side of your tire more worn down than the other? Your vehicle may have an alignment problem, and you should go to a reputable mechanic or tire shop to have your car realigned before any long road trips.
  • Bulges, bumps, or cracks in tire: These are signs that your tires need to be replaced before your road trip.
  • Inflation: An underinflated tire does not perform as well as it should, can cause accidents, and is less fuel-efficient.

Revisit Basic Driving Safety

  • Drivers’ hands should be placed at the 9 and 3 clock positions on a steering wheel, according to an NBC story on AAA and NHTSA’s updated driving safety recommendations.
  • Always keep your eyes focused down the road. Often, drivers get used to focusing on what is immediately in front of their vehicles, and not the brake lights from a car three cars ahead or the debris or pothole down the road they will need to avoid.

Lubbock Car Accident Lawyers

Finally, it is important before any road trip to talk to family, kids, and accompanying passengers about how important it is to be focused on the road while driving and how unimportant it is to be focused on arguing, disturbances, and distractions that can arise in the car. Having a supply of activities like car games or tablets for kids to focus will help you focus on the road and make the road trip safe for everyone. The car accident lawyers in Lubbock at Liggett Law Group wish you and your family safe travels as you hit the road this summer!