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Simple Ways to Improve Jobsite Safety

The construction industry is particularly dangerous for those who work on different jobsites. Everything from heavy equipment and machinery to working in trenches and at high elevations can pose incredible risks, especially when safety protocols are not followed correctly.

While there are both state and federal construction regulations in place that should be observed, there are also many simple ways to ensure safety procedures are being followed. Implementing and understanding simple safety procedures can help to improve safety on jobsites and help to mitigate the severity of any incidents that do occur, ensuring all workers are working in a safe environment.

How to Ensure Safe Behavior on Jobsites

Each construction jobsite presents its own unique set of challenges and potential safety hazards. Unlike other controlled environments, like offices and manufacturing facilities, the conditions on jobsites can change each day due to the weather or other factors.

Potential new hazards and concerns can arise as the work on the jobsite progresses. The various crews and subcontractors come and go, leaving less-experienced workers who don’t have years of safety training, which can pose risks. With proper planning and preparation, a safer jobsite can be easily incorporated on all future projects.

Have Safety Plans in Place

Each jobsite is different from the last; therefore, it is important to create a safety plan that is specific to each site. Looking into historical data from similar previous projects can help ensure certain situations and issues that may arise early on are dealt with.

The supervisors running the jobsites should determine the best way to mitigate risks and eliminate the hazards with engineering controls, training, and protective equipment, knowing these will often change as work progresses. For example, as a project moves along, more workers might end up working from heights, so the focus should shift towards fall protection and ladder and scaffold safety.

Stage Construction Sites

Construction sites are regularly staged for material deliveries and equipment storage. Staging a new jobsite makes workers aware of what could potentially go wrong. Having designated areas for specific tasks and including spaces for storing materials, tools, first aid supplies, and other equipment before the work begins can help to ensure workers aren’t jumping from area to area to get the items they need to do their jobs.

Having zones that limit access to hazardous areas can help to keep workers aware of and away from the potential dangers. Roping off areas and establishing barricades can serve as visual reminders of these zones. Limiting access to certain areas can help eliminate falls, electrocutions, or being stuck between objects or equipment.

Have Regular Safety Meetings

Before ever allowing workers and subcontractors onto a jobsite, it is imperative they receive comprehensive safety training. Meeting regularly to discuss safety concerns can reinforce training and ensure everyone working the jobsite is aware of the specific safety concerns for the job at hand.

Having these meetings prior to the start of a new project or at the beginning of each major phase of a project is ideal. Focus should be on the tasks being performed each day, known or possible hazards, and the controls in place to protect workers. Set expectations early of what is required of each person on the jobsite while also ensuring everyone knows how to properly report safety issues.

Ensure Supervision

While safety is the responsibility of every person on a jobsite, the supervising team members should ensure everyone is practicing safe workplace behavior. Whether it’s a safety manager, site superintendent, foreman, or another supervisor, they should be keeping an eye on the workers periodically throughout the day.

Consider pairing new workers with experienced team members to ensure everyone looks out for each other. Workers should also be encouraged to stop any work if a violation occurs and to speak up should they feel unsafe or witness others not following safety protocols.

Lubbock Construction Accident Attorneys

Construction accidents can occur fairly frequently due to the many dangers associated with the industry. Ensuring safety protocols are followed on the jobsite can help mitigate these dangers and provide peace of mind for Texas construction workers. When these protocols are not followed, however, it can result in devastating injuries and even death. If you or someone you know has been involved in a construction accident, contact the experienced trial attorneys at Liggett Law Group today for a free consultation to discuss your case.