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Should You Visit the DMV During COVID-19?

With a continuing influx of cases and deaths related to the new coronavirus or COVID-19, many have found themselves under shelter-in-place or stay-at-home orders. While these orders are in place to protect us from contracting or passing on the virus, they have raised many questions as to what one should or shouldn’t do during this time.

One important activity to consider is visiting the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to meet certain deadlines, including driver’s license, vehicle plates, emissions certifications, vehicle registration, and other regulatory requirements. However, should someone make a visit to the DMV in the middle of a pandemic?

Texas DMV Regulations Amid COVID-19

DMV regulations during COVID-19 depend on the state you reside in. While certain facilities are closed in states with the aggressive restrictions, many government agencies have granted extensions on numerous deadlines. Because of this, it’s safer to avoid going anywhere other than an essential business during this time.

The state of Texas is currently under a stay-at-home order that encourages residents to spend as much time at home as possible. Non-essential businesses are closed as well. In Texas, DMV offices are closed to in-person visits, including any scheduled appointments. However, many facilities still offer services like license renewals or requesting driving records virtually.

Deadlines, such as certain requirements for vehicle registration, vehicle titling, and disabled parking placards have been waived for the time being. This allows for a temporary extension to obtain initial registration, renewal of registration, vehicle titling, and renewal of a permanent disabled parking placard.

Coronavirus Car Safety Tips

While in the Lone Star State, one can complete their DMV needs online or wait until offices reopen for business by taking advantage of temporary waivers. Though staying at home as much as possible is ideal, essential businesses remain open – such as grocery stores and pharmacies – which many still frequent. Because of this, certain safety precautions should be taken to keep others safe, including:

Limiting driving destinations

Drivers should abide by the health regulations in place to slow the spread of the virus, which includes staying put except for essential errands. The more places you travel, the higher the chances of coming into contact with the virus, heightening the risk of bringing it into your car.

Pay close attention when getting gas

Studies have shown gas pumps are incredibly germy. In fact, fuel pups may carry up to 11,835 times the germs of the average public toilet seat. Because of this, wearing gloves when touching fuel pumps, keypads, and other high-touch areas at the gas station, which may not be regularly sanitized, is important.

Disinfect any high-touch areas of the car

The steering wheel, interior and exterior door handles, gearshift knob, seatbelt, radio controls, cup holders, and even the dashboard are all potential hot spots for contamination that should be regularly disinfected.

Travel with disinfecting wipes

Letting a disinfectant sit on a contaminated surface for a sufficient period of time is essential for properly killing germs in a car. Disinfecting sprays and wipes have been found effective at eliminating bacteria because they sit on a surface long enough to fully take effect.

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While we all follow the ongoing health and safety news surrounding COVID-19, drivers still continue to drive negligently, leaving those who have to be on or near the roads in danger. At Liggett Law Group, we have extensive experience successfully handling personal injury cases, and we can help you as well during this uncertain time. Contact us today for a free case evaluation so we can help you get the compensation you deserve.