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Share The Road: Motorcycles Are Vehicles, Too

There are many reasons someone might choose to ride a motorcycle, but even if you have never ridden one or never plan on riding one, you should always share the road with motorcycles. People who ride motorcycles have the same rights as people who drive other types of passenger vehicles, and everyone should work to make the roads safer for all types of motorists.

People who have never ridden a motorcycle are likely unaware of how their driving can put riders at an increased risk for injury. Find out how you can protect riders with tips from the Lubbock motorcycle accident lawyers at Liggett Law Group.

To help keep motorcycles safe, remember these tips:

  • Be careful when passing – When cars pass motorcycles, the increase in speed can cause a gust of wind that can actually cause someone riding a motorcycle to lose control of their vehicle. If you’re going to pass a motorcycle, make sure to leave plenty of space and always give the rider enough time to see your signal lights so they know you’re trying to pass them.
  • Give them more space – Because of their size, motorcycles are able to react more quickly than cars. When driving a car or truck behind a motorcycle, always allow enough space in between the two vehicles so that you can come to a complete stop.
  • Stay in your lane – Motorcycles are entitled to an entire lane on the road even though they only take up a fraction of the space. Because motorcycles are more vulnerable to gusts of wind and other forces, they need this entire lane. Driving too close to a motorcycle could cause deadly consequences.
  • Watch for turning motorcycles – Unlike cars, self-cancelling turn signals did not become standard in motorcycles until the late 1970s. This means some older and/or restored motorcycles could have turn signals that stay on for a long time if the riders do not manually turn them off. In instances such as these, give the rider more space for when they do decide to turn.
  • Look for motorcycles when turning or changing lanes – Because motorcycles are smaller than cars, they can sometimes be difficult to see. If you are turning or changing lanes, always make sure you are aware of your surroundings so you don’t injure any surrounding motorcyclists

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Even the most seasoned and cautious motorcyclist isn’t immune from an accident or injury. The Lubbock motorcycle accident lawyers at Liggett Law Group have experience getting justice for victims of Texas motorcycle accidents. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your case.