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School Zone Safety

With school back in full swing, Lubbock motorists will frequently drive around and through school zones. School zones can be particularly dangerous for children, and according to the National Safe Routes to School Program, cars hit more children near schools than in any other location. Because school zones can be so dangerous, it’s crucial for Texas drivers to exercise extra caution when driving through them.

Lubbock School Zone Laws

School zones have specific driving laws imposed during school hours to help prevent car accidents. Traffic signs near school zones will list times that certain behaviors are prohibited. During these hours, the speed limit is often reduced, cell phone use is strictly prohibited, and fines for violating school zone laws more than double.

Ensuring all children are safe in school zones takes more than just compliance with school zone laws. Follow these tips to exercise the most caution when driving in school zones:

  • Avoid double parking – Double parking occurs when a motor vehicle stops or parks on the roadway side of another vehicle already parked. Double parking is extremely dangerous in school zones because it blocks visibility for both children and other vehicles.
  • Don’t drop off or pick up children across the street from the school – While some parents might be tempted to skip school carpool pickup lines by having their kids walk across the street from the school, this puts children at risk. Crossing the street can be hazardous for children for a variety of reasons, so it’s best if children only cross the road with the supervision of an adult, or not at all.
  • Don’t block the crosswalk – Whether you are at a stoplight or trying to make a turn, never force young pedestrians in a crosswalk to walk around your car.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings – Many distractions in your car can take your eyes off the road, and this can greatly increase the likelihood of an accident.

Lubbock School Zone Accident Attorneys

Children are particularly at risk for auto-pedestrian accidents because they do not always exercise the same level of caution as adult pedestrians and their decision-making capacities are not as developed. If your child was injured in a Lubbock school zone accident, call the Lubbock auto accident attorneys at Liggett Law Group today for a free consultation. We have the experience required to hold negligent drivers responsible.