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Refinery Explosion Reminds Workers Of The Dangers Of The Oil And Gas Industry

It’s been nearly a month since an explosion at the Husky Oil Refinery in Superior, Wisconsin injured 20 people and forced an evacuation of a nearby town. However, the signs of the explosion can still be easily seen as the U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board (CSB) tries to determine the exact cause of the explosion. While it will take some time to determine the cause, the explosion reminds oil and gas workers across the country that their industry is inherently dangerous.

According to Tom Zoeller, a senior advisor at CSB, the initial explosion took place in the fluid catalytic cracking unit, which “is a part of the distillation process where the crude oil is being heated and extracted to create gasoline and petroleum-based products.” The initial explosion triggered a chain of events that resulted in numerous other explosions and catastrophic fires. Health and safety officials were worried the fires and explosions would create toxic fumes; and, even a month after the explosion, air quality testing is still being conducted.

Working With Volatile Materials

Although the exact cause of the explosion in Superior is not yet known, the CSB is investigating whether or not the metal was fatigued or suffered any other type of defect that caused the explosion. Even the slightest defect could have catastrophic consequences because of the volatile materials and chemicals used in oil and gas refineries. Chemicals are under tremendous pressure throughout the process, which means all pipes and containers must be of the highest quality.

Keeping Workers Safe

Although the oil and gas industry works with volatile chemicals and materials, workers are still entitled to a reasonably safe workplace, which can be accomplished by providing proper safety equipment and training. Employers are responsible for providing workers with all of the tools and support they need to do their jobs. Employers that cut corners put their employees at risk.

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